PokeStop Showcases are a great way of earning rewards in Pokemon GO, and fortunately, there will be plenty of them taking place during November 2023.

However, if you want to rank well in PokeStop Showcases, you’ll need to be prepared. Not only will you need to know the featured Pokemon, but you’ll also want to know when the Showcases are taking place.

These are all of the featured Pokemon, dates, and times for PokeStop Showcases in November 2023:

Every Pokemon GO PokeStop Showcase in October 2023

Showcase PokemonDateTime
Duskull Pokemon GO
November 1 – Novemebr 210 AM – 8 PM
Litwick Pokemon GO
November 7 – November 1010 AM – 8 PM
UnknownNovember 11 – November 1210 AM – 8 PM
Gothita and Mareanie
Gothita Pokemon GO
Mareanie Pokemon GO
November 15 – November 1910 AM – 8 PM
Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly
Sprigatito Pokemon GO
Fuecoco Pokemon GO
Quaxly Pokemon GO
November 22 – November 27
(Excluding 2 PM – 5 PM on November 25)
10 AM – 8 PM
Mareep and Ampharos
Mareep Pokemon GO
Mega Ampharos Pokemon GO
November 252 PM – 5 PM
Lechonk Pokemon GO
November 2810 AM – 8 PM
All times for PokeStop Showcases are in local time.

If you want to do as well as you can in all of these Showcases, you will want to have as many of the featured Pokemon as possible. After all, you don’t know what attribute the Showcases will be ranking.

Therefore, we suggest you don’t transfer any of the upcoming featured Pokemon before their Showcases begin!

We will update this schedule with the unknown Pokemon in the PokeStop Showcase once Niantic announces it.

Also, it’s important to remember that not every PokeStop will hold Showcases. Look out for a small green circle above PokeStops – this indicates that a PokeStop is holding a Showcase!

Blue Green Circle Above PokeStop Pokemon GO
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