The Pokemon GO Raid Hours for November 2022 feature a trio of great Pokemon including two Ultra Beasts. Here’s the full schedule!

Every week, Raid Hours firmly put the spotlight on the ultra-rare and powerful Pokemon that is currently in Tier 5 Raid battles. For the duration of this hour, 5-star Raids are much more common, making it the best time to catch Legendaries.

However, the Raid Hours in November 2022 don’t just feature Legendary Pokemon, there are two Ultra Beasts for players to catch too, including a brand-new Ultra Beast that has never been seen in Pokemon GO before!

Make sure to stock up on Raid Passes and then find out the dates and featured Pokemon for the November 2022 Raid Hours!

Pokemon GO Origin Forme Giratina

The featured Pokemon for the November 2022 Pokemon GO Raid Hours are Origin Forme Giratina, Guzzlord, and Nihilego. These are the dates for all of the Raid hours this month – they all take place from 6 PM – 7 PM local time!

So you can beat all of these bosses on your first try, here are the top tips for winning Raids in Pokemon GO. After all, you will want to save as many Raid Passes as you can!

Also, make sure to have a look at the November 2022 Pokemon GO Legendary and Mega Raid schedule. While the Raid Hours may be the best time to catch these Pokemon, they’ll be available to defeat and catch at other times too.

Pokemon GO November 2022 Raid Hours

In other news, there are also even more events for Pokemon GO players to do this month. There is a great selection of featured Pokemon in the November 2022 Spotlight Hours!

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