Here’s the full November 2022 timetable for 5-star Legendary and 4-star Mega Raids in Pokemon GO. There are plenty of great Pokemon to defeat and catch!

If you want to get the most powerful and rare Pokemon in the game, you’ll need to defeat them in a Raid first. However, there’s only a small selection of Pokemon in Raids at a time.

Therefore, before you set out to catch Legendaries or earn Mega Energy to Mega evolve your Pokemon, you’ll need to know which Pokemon are actually in Raids right now.

Here’s every Legendary and Mega Pokemon that will be appearing in 5-star and 4-star Raids during November 2022.

But first, find out the top tips to win Raids in Pokemon GO so you don’t waste your Raid Passes!

Pokemon GO Origin Forme Giratina

All Legendary & Mega Pokemon GO Raids in November 2022

These are all of the different Legendary and Mega Pokemon that are available to battle in Raids and catch during November 2022 as well as the dates that you will be able to fight them. They change on a weekly basis so you have 7 days to defeat each of them!

If you’re after the Legendary Pokemon in the schedule, then there’s a perfect time to catch each of them. Take a look at the Pokemon GO November 2022 Raid Hours schedule to find out when each Legendary is featured this month.

There is plenty more for Pokemon GO players to enjoy for the rest of this month too. The November 2022 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule features plenty of fan-favorite Pokemon.

Mega Gyarados Raid Day

Finally, here’s a list of every Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You’ll need a lot of Mega Energy if you want to add all of these to your Pokedex!

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