Eevee fans are having their hopes of a new ‘Eeveelution’ dashed by a leaked piece of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet merchandise.

First introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue, Eevee is the evolution Pokemon. Back then, the fan favorite could evolve into just 3 different creatures, depending on the item you gave it.

Now Eevee has 8 different ‘Eeveelutions’, as more were introduced over the years. A new evolution was always a highlight of a new Generation’s reveal, but it’s been some time since our last one.

In fact, it’s been just under 9 years since Pokemon X and Y brought us Sylveon, Eevee’s Fairy-Type form.

All Eeveelutions

And despite our hopes that a new evolution could come alongside Scarlet & Violet, it looks like Eevee fans are in for some disappointing news.

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Is Eevee Getting a New Evolution in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

No, it seems that Eevee won’t be evolving into any new Pokemon in Generation 9, at least going by a new merchandise leak.

Earlier today, we saw an upcoming merch leak reveal that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s legendaries can turn into motorcycles.

And now more leaked items appear to be aimed at Eevee fans, showing all of the Pokemon’s many forms on a notebook and pencil case. And disappointingly, there are no new ones visible in the leak.

Despite a new Eeveelution being a highly-requested feature, Game Freak seems to be ignoring the request once again. After all, if a new evolution was on the way, there’d be no sense in making outdated merchandise.

The last time we got a new form, it came with the introduction of Fairy-Type as whole, but that doesn’t need to be the case each time.

Pokemon All Eevee Evolutions

After all, there are still many types without an Eevee representative. We’d love to see what a Steel, Ghost, Fighting, Bug, or Dragon-Type Eeveelution would look like, and so would many fans.

And while evidence would suggest that we don’t have a new Eevee to look forward to, we do have something equally exciting. Here are 72 leaked Pokemon coming to Scarlet & Violet, including some new takes on familiar faces…

Although this merchandise leak from CentroPokemon certainly appears to be legit, it’s always possible that it’s not real. Take it with a pinch of salt and you can keep the Eevee dream alive for a few more days.

But when the Scarlet & Violet release date rolls around and there’s no new form in sight, we’ll all be that much sadder.

That said, this Scarlet and Violet DLC leak could always hint at Eevee getting the 9th evolution it deserves!

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