Traversing the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map will be easier by finding and using the new Nitro Drifter vehicle.

This new vehicle comes with the ability to drift rather than using the regular boost Fortnite cars have had.

With this car, you can journey in style while drifting around corners and receiving a slight speed boost. Here is everything you need to know about Fortnite’s brand new Nitro Drifter car:

Nitro Drifter Vehicle

Where to Find Nitro Drifter Locations in Fortnite MEGA

One of the best areas to locate the Nitro Drifter is the race track directly north of the Mega City POI in the Fortnite map.

This area has guaranteed spawns for this vehicle. Although, they won’t spawn in the same spot each match.

Additionally, the Nitro Drifter is a common spawn across the map and can be found at almost every POI on the island. You will most likely find these vehicles at the edge of a POI and near the side of the road.

Nitro Drifter vehicle spawn point

GamingIntel can confirm that Nitro Drifter spawns in other parts of the map are set locations. However, the vehicle will not spawn in these spots every game.

If you head to one of Fortnite’s Gas Station locations, you will also have a higher chance of acquiring this vehicle from spawn. From our testing, the Nitro Drifter spawns at these Gas Stations more often than not, however, it is still not a 100% guarentee.

Nitro Drifter Controls in Fortnite

  • Drift
    • L1 (Hold) / LB (Hold) / Space
  • Switch Seat
    • R3 / Right Analog Stick / Left CTRL
  • Exit Vehicle
    • Square / X / E (Hold)
  • Radio On/Off
    • Triangle / Y / R
  • Next Station
    • X / A / C
  • Honk
    • Down on D-Pad / B

By performing a drift, the vehicle will receive a slight speed boost allowing the player to move around the map at a faster rate.

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