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Nintendo’s New Rules Aim to Tackle eShop Spam Issue

Nintendo is trying to end its eShop spam, using a new system of rules.

If you're a Nintendo Switch owner, chances are you've wandered onto the eShop store at least once or twice. And if there's one thing that's immediately noticeable about the eShop, it's the sheer volume of spam that you can find there.

It's like every shovelware developer from the Nintendo Wii days realized that they could make a quick buck by porting their game to the eShop. Every indie games developer under the sun is uploading new titles with every passing week, and it's getting difficult to find quality content.

Nintendo eShop Changes Spam
(Source: Nintendo)

Just look at the Nintendo Switch eShop's release schedule!

That's not to say that all the games are bad, of course. Some of the games are certainly excellent experiences, but they're hiding in a sea of mediocrity.

Now, Nintendo's new rules aim to eliminate some of the eShop's spam altogether.

What's Changing on the Nintendo eShop?

When it comes to Nintendo's eShop, it appears that the company is limiting developers to what prices they can drop to. Previously, Nintendo put a stop to one cent games flooding into the "Best Sellers" category.

Now it appears the publisher is going a step further, by preventing developers from launching a game lower than $1.99 in price. Excluding Free-to-Play games, no Switch titles should soon be able to game the system by offering their game for a minuscule cost.

This reveal comes from SMG Studio, developer of Death Squared, Moving Out, and more. In a Reddit comment, user mrtruffle indicates that a new price reduction is the lowest their game will ever be available at.

death squared eshop changes
(Source: SMG Studio)

According to the developer, Death Squared is able to be at 99 cents currently, only because their sale was planned well in advance. If other developers also have sales in their schedules, it's possible that games may appear under the $1.99 limit.

However, as we head further into 2021, it's possible that we'll stop seeing such cheap games filling up the eShop. This isn't the best way to deal with shovelware, but it's the route that Nintendo appears to be choosing.

But you don't even need a Nintendo Switch to enjoy games these days, as shown by Twitter Plays Pokemon. However, we'll certainly need that eShop again when the leaked new Mario game releases.

The Nintendo eShop had issues recently after the popularity of Monster Hunter Rise. However, there's good reason for this as players soon discovered a way to play the Monster Hunter Rise demo forever.

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