The President of Nintendo has confirmed that the company’s next console will be an upgraded version of the Switch, rather than an entirely new machine.

As the Switch came out over seven years ago now, Nintendo fans are getting pretty impatient waiting for a successor to the beloved hybrid console.

Fortunately, Nintendo has finally announced that its next console is in development and that the reveal will be within the next year. This information came in a statement from President Shuntaro Furukawa on the Nintendo X (formerly Twitter) account.

However, Furukawa reportedly also revealed what to expect from the console in Nintendo’s quarterly financial call.

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Nintendo’s Next Console Will Be Similar to the Switch

According to David Gibson, senior research analyst at MST Financial, Nintendo President Furuwaka was asked whether the next-gen console would be brand-new or not in the company’s quarterly financial call.

In response to this question, Furukawa reportedly said:

“Switch next model is the appropriate way to describe it.”

While this description does not give too much away about the console itself, it certainly implies that it won’t be much of a departure from the original Switch.

This, in turn, could give some more credibility to the most recent Switch successor leaks. This includes details like the new system featuring a larger screen, backwards compatibility and Joy-Cons that attach magnetically.

It is also worth noting that Furukawa did not address the name of the console. While it is possible that it could be called the Switch 2, Nintendo is often pretty creative with naming.

We expect that the name will involve ‘Switch’ somehow, Nintendo may not go for the simple ‘Switch 2’. Instead, the name could be like the Wii U or 3DS – similar to the original but with an addition.

Nintendo Switch Logo

Stay tuned for an announcement from Nintendo about its next console later this year. We predict that Nintendo could unveil the next-gen Switch in Fall 2024!

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