Construction for Universal Studios Nintendo Land Theme Park Is Under Way

Nintendo Land Theme Park

The construction for a Nintendo Land theme park is under way at various Universal Studios plots. The park will be similar to the Harry Potter theme park which was opened in Florida in 2010.

Nintendo Land Theme Park

Construction for the Nintendo Land theme park is currently underway at the Hollywood and Japanese parks. There will be a third site in Orlando but, as of yet, construction hasn’t started. The parks will be very similar to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They aim to bring the adventure and excitement of the Nintendo franchise to life.

Nintendo Land Theme Park

This is potentially a fan-made image of what the park could look like. Different aspects of the Nintendo brand are included. According to sources, the main construction work taking place at the moment is for Super Mario Worlds. Hopefully, this would include a Mario Kart themed ride (shown as Mario Kart Speedway in the imagined picture).

Other franchises shown on the image include Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Hyrule. A lot of the imagined map shows characters from the Super Mario world such as Toad, Luigi and Wario. Fans would be delighted to see a Luigi’s Mansion area considering the huge popularity that game has had in the past.

A Pokemon area would definitely attract a lot of attention considering the huge following the franchise has. Pokemon fans range across all ages, especially with the new additions such as Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go!

Regardless, the Nintendo Land theme park is a definite go ahead. It was revealed a month ago that Universal Studios were building a fourth gate that has a rather large area of land.

Furthermore, a promotional video was released by Nintendo on Youtube way back in 2016. It states that they want to make the attractions suitable for anyone, regardless of age. However, this dream is now becoming a reality and the parks will soon start taking shape!


  1. This looks like a typical Disney Land setup with Nintendo theme on top. So would def. consider this a fan art with no relation to any leak or any true Nintendo Theme Park…


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