Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games – Donkey Kong, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros & More

Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games - Donkey Kong, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros & More

The Nintendo Switch Games Library is growing immensely each day. We’ve just seen the launch of two new major arrivals for the Nintendo Switch, Rocket League and Skyrim. With the majority of new launches being huge fan favourites, there’s no reason why we won’t see the likes of Donkey Kong, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros and more arrive on the Nintendo Switch. We’ve listed what we think is the top five most wanted Nintendo Switch Games below.

As well as New Games, we expect Nintendo to have some very big announcements lined up. For example, more details on the Online Service and Nintendo Switch Streaming Apps.

Top Five Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

1. Super Smash Bros

A Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Game is undoubtedly one of the most highly wanted games to arrive on the hybrid console. If Super Smash Bros were to arrive on the latest Nintendo platform, here’s some new features we’d like to see: more fighters, new characters, return of adventure mode, more stages and new modes. Following the pattern of previous Super Smash Bros Games, a 2018 release would fit the usual four year window.

2. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch is also highly requested. The latest Donkey Kong game arrived on the Wii U and 3DS almost two and a half years ago. If we go by the windows between previous Donkey Kong releases, it would cone as no surprise to see a New Donkey Kong game arrive on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

3. Mario Party

Mario Party: The Top 100 recently launched for the 3DS, since its launch fans have been hoping to see a New Mario Party arrive on the Nintendo Switch. On the Wii, Mario Party received a huge spin-off with Nintendo making Wii Party. Both of these very similar types of games would certainly be ideal for the Nintendo Switch. Whether Nintendo do bring out their very own Nintendo Switch Party or Mario version, if plans happen to go ahead we’re going to be in for a treat.

4. New Pokemon RPG Game

Unlike the other games on our list, a new Pokemon RPG game has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. A recent report for the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Game stated that it’ll be launching in 2018 or later. Although its release is far away, it’s always nice for the die-hard fans to receive some reassurance.

5. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is once again another extremely wanted Nintendo Switch title. Nintendo haven’t confirmed anything at all regarding this game so it’s certainly going to be at least a year until we would see this game arrive for the Switch. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is the latest game in its series to launch and that was some time back on the 3DS, so if we were to see Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Nintendo Switch it’d most likely be in 2018 / 19.

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