Updated Nintendo Switch Console Expected to Launch in 2019

Nintendo Switch 2019

The Nintendo Switch has now been out for just over a year and a half. It was expected to be a worldwide success, based on the iconic nature of Nintendos hand-held predecessors, but no one could predict to what degree. According to Nintendo’s first quarter 2018 fiscal results (ending June 30, 2018), the Switch had sold 19.67 million units worldwide. Over 3 months on, it can be estimated that this number settles safely between the 20-25 million mark. A more impressive feat is that over 5 million of these units have been sold in Japan alone, according to data provided by Famitsu (Sales Tracker).

With astronomical sales figures like these, it seems only fitting that there are murmurs of a new and updated Nintendo Switch console coming soon to keep the sale figures high.

Nintendo Switch

The New Nintendo Switch

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article discussing Nintendos plans to release a new/upgraded Nintendo Switch. The main reason for Nintendo to make such a decision is primarily to remain competitive. In an ever-evolving market, it is in a games companies best interest to ensure that their console (hardware and software) are as up to date as possible. Most consoles on average go through two update phases. As with the Xbox One and the PS4, both have had a slimmer more affordable version and also a more expensive heavy duty/performance version.

The Nintendo Switch has only had a standard version of its console out, so mid-late 2019 would fit well with a standard life-cycle of which Nintendo could introduce an updated version.

Nintendo Switch Hardware

It is not known exactly what this update will entail, however, it is known that Nintendo is always looking to innovate and revolutionalize. A suggestion has been stated by Nintendo that they would be looking at updating the screen/display. Aiming towards “thinner and brighter”, the updated screens would have a modern LCD display much like those found in many current smart-phones verses the older basic LCD screens. If this design aspect translates through to the overall aesthetics, the sleeker and perhaps slightly smaller device may be what we could expect Nintendo to release.

A device like this would also typically carry a lower price point, which may entice new buyers who are somewhat ambivalent about a $300 price tag. This seems more likely then them releasing a ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ with a significantly higher spec/price.

All the details are still to be finalized, but as we near the end of the year, Nintendo will likely start to run the marketing campaign, ready for its 2019 launch.


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