Nintendo Switch Update 8.0.0 Patch Notes

Nintendo Switch Update 8.0.0

A new firmware update has made its way to the Switch console. In addition to a host of changes, Nintendo Switch update 8.0.0 has also welcomed the arrival of several other new features. We’ve listed the official patch notes below.

Save Data Transfers Introduced

To begin with, Nintendo Switch update 8.0.0 has welcomed save transfers to the console. Players now have the ability to transfer their saved data for individual games between Switch systems.

In order to do this, you’ll need to head into System Settings, Data Management, and then Transfer Your Save Data. It’s important to take note that saved data will not stay on your system following completion of the transfer process.

New “Zoom” Feature

Alongside save data transfers, it appears as though a new “Zoom” feature has arrived on the Switch. Just like the name suggests, players can now zoom in on the system.

To begin with, you’ll need to enable the feature via the Settings. Then, you can zoom in by clicking the HOME Button twice.

Stability Improvements

An array of stability improvements have been made in a bid to enhance each user’s experience. While Nintendo has not specifically mentioned these in the patch notes, it’s unclear as to what exactly they are. Considering these changes weren’t worthy enough to go into detail, it’s likely nothing major.

Name Changes

A few name changes have been introduced following the arrival of the latest patch. It has been confirmed that the functionality remains the same for the following. For any confusion when navigating through your console, we’ve listed the name changes below.

  • Save Data Cloud Backup > Save Data Cloud
  • Transfer Your User and Save Data > Transfer Your User Data

New “Sort Software” Feature

Software can now be organized into the below, following the addition of a “Sort Software” feature in the latest Nintendo Switch update.

  • Time last played
  • Total play time
  • Software title
  • Software publisher

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Nintendo Switch 8.0.0 Update Patch Notes

We’ve listed the official patch notes below:

  • The sort Software feature is now available.
  • A View All Available News option is now featured within News, which allows you to witness all news items currently being distributed.
  • Transfer Your Save Data feature has been introduced.
  • New Zoom feature has been added. It must be enabled via the System Settings first.
  • Option added to prevent the system from waking from Sleep Mode when an AC adapter is disconnected.
  • VR Mode (3D Visuals) restriction available within Parental Controls.
  • Hong Kong / Taiwan / South Korea is available for selection in Region.
  • Minor name changes.
  • General stability improvements.


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