TOP SECRET Nintendo Switch Karting Game May Be on the Way – Rumour

TOP SECRET Nintendo Switch Karting Game

Some new presentation slides, which have since been taken down, revealed that a Top Secret Nintendo Switch Karting Game may be on the way. If rumours are true, this Nintendo Switch Karting Game will be being developed by Sumo Digital. They have confirmed that they are still partnered up with SEGA so whatever they do bring will likely have something to do with Sonic. Sumo Digital have helped develop many games in the past including: Snake Pass, Sonic and SEGA All-Star Racing Transformed, Forza Motorsport 7 and much more.

Due to us not being able to post the image, we have wrote exactly what the image states below and you can also check out the image out for yourself at

Rumoured Nintendo Switch Karting Game

In Development…

– Multi-project collaboration with international publishing partner.

  • FPS Development – PC to console

– Unannounced major partner

  • Original FPS
  • Established Global IP

– Unannounced Karting Game

  • Established Global IP
  • Original Development

In terms of a Release Date, we have no idea on when this game will launch and whether it will even arrive on the Nintendo Switch. If rumours do become true then no matter what it is, any karting game on the Switch will be incredible. We currently have a very vague answer on what lies ahead in this game, two key points which they did state however was ‘Established Global IP’s’ and ‘Original Development.’

The apparent leak seems to have occurred on Reset Era via user Dr. Caroll and with no official announcement and especially with the presentation post being taken down things seem very sceptical. For those thinking that this could mean Mario Kart 9, Sumo Digital have had no experience or involvement in previous Mario Kart titles so you can certainly bet it won’t be.

What are you hoping this rumoured ‘Top Secret’ Nintendo Switch Karting Game to be? Will it be about Sonic Racing or will it be something completely new?


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