TOP SECRET Indie Game Called Madrain Coming to Nintendo Switch & PC

TOP SECRET Indie Game Called Madrain Coming to Nintendo Switch & PC

Apparently a new TOP SECRET indie title is hitting Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2018. As of what we know so far, it is called Madrain and is a two dimensional Survival game, much like Terraria. The developers are a new upcoming gaming company called AirshipGames. The developers are reporting and deleting any posts about the game. But we won’t let that happen! There are no images or screenshots of this game whatsoever so we will have to wait for the developers to release some more info to the public. Our sources also state that it will have a Nintendo Switch Definitive Edition with extra features and HD Rumble support.

PC & Nintendo Madrain Game

This developer is quite new and has not released any major titles. The Founder of the company has been known to be an app developer for Android and Linux. The Founder has also made some custom Linux distros.

We are really looking forward to this game releasing. It’s an interesting genre which could be quite fun if you play the game the correct way. Terraria is a really cool game which was made in a excellent way. We hope that this game is going to be an even better experience!

We wondered if Madrain actually meant anything. From our research it turns out that it actually means Survival! It fits the game’s genre perfectly and it’s a great coincidence that Madrain actually means Survival!

Quick Recap

This indie game called Madrain will hit PC & Nintendo Switch sometime 2018. This is top secret and the developer is removing and reporting any posts and video’s made about the game. The Nintendo Switch version will have extra features and HD rumble support. Its developed by AirshipGames and is a top-secret project right now.


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