Super Smash Bros Ultimate “Stage Builder” Mode Leaked

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Builder Mode

It appears as though a Super Smash Bros Ultimate “Stage Builder” mode has been leaked by Nintendo, following the latest commercial.

Stage Builder Mode Leaked for Nintendo Switch Smash Bros

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate commercial happens to be one of many “Nintendo Switch My Way” videos. From a distance, it appears to be some sort of ordinary short advertisement. If we take a closer look it seems to be significantly more, however.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate “Stage Builder” Mode Leaked

Straight of the bat, at time stamp 1-second players may notice something lurking on the far right corner of the TV. Yes, the usual “Games & More” menu is there, although it appears to feature something which isn’t consistent with the current version of the game.

In addition to both the “Mii Fighter” and “Amiibo” boxes, a new “Stage Builder” mode seems to be detailed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

While the leak has surfaced from Nintendo themselves, this should without a doubt be deemed as very reliable.

Most interestingly, this was reported back in March by several sources.

NEW LEAK: Next Nintendo Direct coming on April 11th, 2019.

What is the Stage Builder in Smash Bros?

Although the commercial didn’t go into any specifics with this upcoming addition to the latest installment within the Smash Bros franchise, we can get a rough idea of how it’ll play out via previous titles within the series.

Many of you may remember the mode on Wii U, the aspect granted players with the ability to design their own custom stages from given parts. Additionally, users were also spoilt for choice with the colossal range of backgrounds to pick from, alongside songs on the official soundtrack.

There is currently no indication as to whether this upcoming mode will be an expanded version of that, however.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Builder Release Date

The supposedly leaked Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Builder mode for Nintendo Switch may be releasing earlier than expected.

While Nintendo is set to release update 3.0 for the game within the foreseeable future, alongside The Joker and a host of other changes, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the mode included alongside.

What are your thoughts on Stage Builder coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch? When do you think players will be able to get hands-on with this all-new addition?


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