Top 5 NEW Must Have Super Smash Bros Features in 2018


Super Smash Bros comes out this year to the Nintendo Switch. Here are 5 MUST HAVE features the game needs.

Super Smash Bros Story Mode

Smash 5 needs a story mode to appeal to the casual gamer. I personally loved the Story Modes in Melee and Brawl. Smash 4 did not have a story mode which was a major let down. I am hoping that with Smash 5 there will be a Story Mode. It should be expected.

Super Smash Bros Dedicated Servers

Enough with peer to peer connection. It’s time for Nintendo to finally have dedicated servers for Smash. In Smash 4, it was a hit or miss if you would get in a good online lobby. Peer to peer connection is the worse route to take for a big online blockbuster fighter like Smash Bros. With the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online Service I have faith that Nintendo will have dedicated servers for Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros Voice chat

Here’s the one that I’m most skeptical about. As we know, the Nintendo Switch Online service launches in September. With the online service, will Nintendo finally get voice chat right? The only voice chat they have available is through the Nintendo Switch Online app. This voice chat is limited to Splatoon 2. I hope they delayed the service to get it right. In my opinion native voice chat on smash is a must have feature. Nintendo needs to get with the times, especially if they’re charging for online. Communication is key in smash.

Super Smash Bros Old Stages

This one shouldn’t shock anyone. We need a vast selection of old stages. I think Nintendo will in fact add popular melee stages, a long with brawl stages. I expect all Smash 4 3ds and Wii U stages to be available in Smash 5. I would love for stages such as Corneria, Temple, or Venom to be playable in smash 5!

Super Smash Bros Tournament Mode

To appeal to the competitive players, a tournament mode would be great. Nintendo has a seemingly fantastic Tournament mode for Mario Tennis Aces. They should use that same system in Smash Bros. Mario Tennis Aces has a 32 player tournament mode. In this mode you get prizes such as costumes just for participating. This is a good way to encourage players to play the tournament mode. A mode like this in Smash would benefit the competitive seen, and also make people keep coming back to the game.

Nintendo’s E3 Event is sometime between June 12-14. Tune in to find out more information on Smash Bros.


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