Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch Release Date, Rumors & What to Expect if it Takes Place

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch Release Date, Rumors & What to Expect if it Takes Place

Out of all the upcoming Nintendo Switch games coming out, none have been more discussed than the yet-to-be-announced Super Smash Bros game. Everyone is sure that it’s coming, but with Nintendo being completely silent about it, there’s not a lot that we know. Find out our predictions on the Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch Release Date, rumors, and what to expect if it takes place below.

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch

Despite this lack of information, there are plenty of rumors circulating the inevitable Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch.

Release Date

Considering that Super Smash Bros hasn’t been officially announced by Nintendo, it would be crazy to think that anyone would know the release date. That said, the option that makes the most sense is fall of 2018 (as theorized by Emily Rogers), when the online service debuts. Nintendo will need a game that will entice people to subscribe to their paid service, and what better way to do that than with Smash Bros?

Rumors (Content, Characters, and More)

There are several rumors regarding how this new entry in the series will be put together, all addressing the potential for new stages, characters, modes, and movesets.

  • One rumor suggests that the new game will combine the stage selection from the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, with the latter all being upscaled to HD. On top of that, some have stated that we could see stages based on Nintendo Switch releases.
  • Another piece of speculation is that Nintendo will take the opportunity to put in characters that couldn’t fit on the previous version due to hardware limitations. This would include the Ice Climbers and the “Rhythm Heaven” fighter character. We’d be surprised if there weren’t any new fighters in the Switch version.
  • Due to Sakurai’s statements about how he was going to take a long break from the series after Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, some have speculated that he may not be returning for the Switch version. Instead, Nintendo would build on his foundation and bring in a new development team to carry on the torch. This would go hand in hand with us seeing new movesets for popular characters.
  • If Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch ends up being a port of the previous version, it’s likely that we would see a “Deluxe version” that would contain all of the DLC content in one package. If that were the case, it’s possible that we could also see some sort of collector’s edition that would give Wii U owners some more incentive to invest in the game once again.
  • While it’s likely Nintendo will support Gamecube controllers for Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch, we could also see them bring out a new pro controller for the game. We haven’t heard of another pro controller since Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so the Switch is a bit overdue for a new announcement.

What to Expect

If Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch is announced anytime soon, here are a few features we could expect to see from the game.

  • New stages and characters are a must for each new entry in the series. Beefing new games with extra content is the best way Nintendo could ensure that more players would sink their time into it once again.
  • Due to the upcoming release of the paid online service, it would make sense that Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch would have a better online function than its predecessors. Many complained about how spotty the online was in the Wii U and 3DS versions, so it’s high time for Nintendo to refine it.
  • After the lukewarm success of Smash Run and Smash Tour, it’s likely that we could see them refine one of those modes for the Nintendo Switch version or create an entirely new (and better) one. Most people who had the Wii U and 3DS versions were just using it for standard Smash gameplay. If they want to increase longevity of the game, they would likely incorporate a better extra mode.


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