Next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Fighters Confirmed

uper Smash Bros DLC Character

The next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter has been confirmed in the Nintendo E3 Direct.

After months of debate and potential leaks within the Super Smash Bros community the next super smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter has been revealed to be Erdrick from Dragon Quest XI.

While some will be pretty disappointed that Steve from Minecraft or Banjo from Banjo Kazooie didn’t get into the game this time round, it’s safe to say that Erdrick is a pretty good pick all the same.

Originally Erdrick came from the Dragon Quest series of games, and quickly became a fan favourite.

Smash has impressively adapted their moves from Dragon Quest, and it looks like they’re going to be pretty good at laying down the damage with their sword moves in Smash.

Not only does Erdrick wield their sword from the games, they feature a pretty unique looking special attack system, lifted straight from the JRPG that they came form.

You can make people pass out with snooze, bounce projectiles away with their reflector, turn people into frozen blocks of ice with their Karackle Smash or turn into a rock hard piece of metal with Kacklang!

The most impressive move out of the bunch is of course Erdricks Final Smash, bringing in a whole bunch of characters from the series to lay down the pain on your enemies in a sizzling flash of lightning.

While we didn’t really get to see much from the character it also seems like they’re going to use some sort of Mana system, limiting how much they can use those JRPG styled special attacks.

Who knows how Erdrick will affect the balance of the game going forward, but we wont have long to wait to find out!

You’ll be able to play the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighter this Summer!


Well, I guess we can scratch some of this article off the record, because Banjo Kazooie is coming to switch this fall after all! The fan favourite is coming to the game!


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