How to Jailbreak & Install Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most anticipated Nintendo releases of 2018. Following the games official launch on 07/12/2018, a leaked version of the game can be downloaded and installed on the Nintendo Switch. If you Jailbreak your Switch, you can play this leaked full version of the game for free and over a week prior to launch. Here’s how to jailbreak and install Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is unlocking your device’s full potential and obtaining the ability to do things the developers never intended. After you Jailbreak your Switch, you’ll gain tons of new abilities and we will being using those to install Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

What are the risks of Jailbreaking?

The only risk in this process is Bricking your Nintendo Switch. Bricking is a modding term in Jailbreaking and console modding basically meaning “doing this exploit could render your console useless like a brick” hence the name Bricking. You can also do a NAND backup which is highly recommended as you can revert to your backup if you get bricked.

Tutorial – How to Jailbreak & Install Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch:

We will be installing the ReiNX CFW today, including backing up your Switch and getting into RCM.



– Nintendo Switch

  • A ReiNX currently supports up to Switch OS 6.1, please have your switch running this firmware if you wish to continue.

– 32 GB SD Card

  • You must format your SD Card to either run exFAT or FAT32 formats. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. exFAT allows you to have bigger file sizes on your SD Card but is at a greater risk of corruption. FAT32 has better comparability but it is much more annoying installing and playing larger games. If you just want to play games and don’t care about the Jailbreak at all, use exFAT. Otherwise use FAT32.
    • You could also have 2 32 GB SD Cards, both jail broken, one using exFAT and the other using FAT32.

– A way to ground Pin 10 on your right JoyCon rail

  • To get into RCM (Backup Mode), the Switch’s home button, volume up and power buttons must be pressed to trigger RCM. However there is no home button on the Switch, so we simulate it by bridging Pin 10 with either Pin 1, 7 or 9. This can be done with a paperclip and a tutorial can be found here from r/SwitchHacks.

– USB Type C to A/Other Adapter

– ‘Payload Pusher’

  • This can be an Android Phone or a PC/Linux/MacOS. Anything that can connect to your Switch with a USB Cable.

– Launcher

  • Depending on what operating system you are using, you need to download one of these launchers to jailbreak your Switch.
    • TegraRCMGUI is recommended by us for use on Windows. We will be using the portable installer for this.
      Download/Github link is here.
    • Rekado is our app of choice for Android users. Has the added benefit of mobility since it is used on your phone. Download the .apk and install it to your device.
      Download/Github link is here.
    • fusee-launcher is recommended for MacOS and Linux.
      Download/Github link is here.
      You’ll need python3 to run this, which you can download here

Getting Into RCM:

The first step is getting into RCM/Backup Mode. This will allow you to install the CFW and push Payloads to your Switch.

1.) Completely power down your Switch.

  • This can be done by either holding the Power Button down for 15 seconds until the screen shuts off or by holding the power button for ~3 seconds until a menu appears and by selecting turn off.

2.) Setting up your right JoyCon rail.

3.) Pressing ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Up’.

  • Once your pins are bridged, hold down the Volume Up button then press Power. Hold them both down for a second.
    • When you fail, your Switch will boot into regular Switch OS. Refer to Step 2 and the Reddit post to make sure you positioned the paperclip correctly.
    • If you are successful, your switch will not boot and you’ll will get a blank/black screen.

Installing ReiNX:

Part 1: Downloads



  • This is the Homebrew launcher.


  • This overwrites Album in your Switch menu, allowing you to access the Homebrew launcher.


  • This is the title installer/manager. You need this to install unsigned applications to your home menu. This is also what we will be using to install Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

ReiNX Toolkit.nro

  • This is the Settings page for ReiNX. It allows you to update ReiNX, Backup NAND, Auto-Boot to RCM and more!

Part 2: File Structure

The next few bits are coming straight from the official ReiNX guide  and are very important so pay close attention. Plug your SD Card into and computer and follow the instructions.

1. Drag and drop the contents of the ReiNX zip file to the root of your SD Card.

2. Place the hbmenu.nro in the root of your SD Card.

3. Make a new folder in the root of your SD card named ‘switch’.

      • The ‘switch’ folder is where you will put all of your .nros for any homebrew you may want now or in the future.

4. Place the ‘ReiNX_Toolkit.nro’ into the ‘switch’ folder you just created.

5. Place the tinfoil.nro file found in into the ‘switch’ folder you created.

6. Go to the ReiNX folder and create a new folder named ‘titles’ within it.

7. Go inside the ‘titles’ folder you just created, and put the entire 010000000000100D folder into it, like so.Just to clarify (since people had problems with the wording here); you are not putting the entire .zip folder into /titles/, just the 010000000000100D folder within the zip, as is.

8. Create a folder named ‘tinfoil’ on the root of your SD Card.

9. Create a folder named ‘nsp’ within the tinfoil folder you just created. Should now look like this.

      • All .nsp files you would like to install will go in that folder.

10. Your SD Card root should look like this. Put it into your Switch.

Before pushing the payload, I recommend download SSBU (.nsp) down below so you don’t have to do it later.

Pushing the Payload

Depending on the application you downloaded (and OS you are running) the guide will fragment here based on what you downloaded. Please follow the instructions for the program you chose only.

If you are using TegraRCMGUI, continue from here on.

1. Open TegraRCMGUI.

2. Navigate to the Settings Tab.

3. Click on Install Driver (This will install the APX Driver which allows your PC to communicate with your Switch.)

4. Once the driver is installed navigate to the Payload tab and plug your Switch into your PC using the USB Cable.

5. Once your Switch is plugged in you should see a green icon with the text ‘RCM Detected’ displayed, like so.

6. Double-Click on the ReiNX.bin file under Favorites. It should now be pushed.

      • If you cannot find the payload, you can grab the .bin from here and have the application select that.

7. Hit ‘Inject Payload’ if the Payload has not been injected already. If you get error ‘RC=-50’ simply close the program and reopen it, It should be working then.

8. You should see some cool hacker text displayed. Once the Splash Screen has faded you can unplug your Switch. Congratulations! You are now running ReiNX!

If you are using Rekado, continue from here on.

1. Open Rekado on your Android device.

2. Navigate to the Payloads section of the app and allow it to Request storage. Once this is done you should see ReiNX.bin under the payloads. (This is strictly so it can access the payloads on your device.)

3. Plug your Switch into your device.

4. Your phone will give you a prompt to open Rekado when it detects that the Switch is plugged in, as well as a ‘Use by default’ checkbox. Accept and hit ‘OK’.

5. Under the Select Injector menu, touch Boot Payload and ReiNX.bin.

6. You should see some cool hacker text displayed. Once the Splash Screen has faded you can unplug your Switch. Congratulations! You are now running ReiNX!

If you are using fusee-launcher, continue from here on.

1. Open a terminal in the fusee-launcher directory.

2. Copy the ReiNX.bin payload to this directory.

3. Plug your device into your computer.

4. Run `sudo python3 ./ ./ReiNX.bin`

5. You should see some cool hacker text displayed. Once the Splash Screen has faded you can unplug your Switch. Congratulations! You are now running ReiNX!

NAND Backup, AutoRCM, Updates, and You!

1. Click on the Album Icon to get into the Homebrew loader.

2. Navigate to ReiNX Toolkit and hit A to open it.

  • Commit this to memory! This toolkit will allow you to Enable/Disable AutoRCM, update the CFW, change the splash screen all from the comfort of the Switch OS.

3a. Before you continue, navigate to System Settings -> Sleep Mode and disable Auto Sleep (Never). This is to prevent your Switch from accidentally entering Sleep Mode during a dump.

3b. We will now begin dumping your NAND/Boot0/1. Please make sure you have at least a 32GB SD Card in your Switch. While this step is technically optional it is EXTREMELY recommended. If something happens to your Switch, such as a brick, and you do not have a NAND backup – you’re outta luck. Spend the 20 minutes it takes and backup your NAND.

4. Go back to ReiNX Toolkit if you exited it. Dump Boot0/1. This should not take that long at all.

5. Dump NAND. This will take a while but it is worth it. Averages about 20 minutes, could be longer or shorter depending on your SD Card class.

6. Once your NAND is dumped you’re all set! Make sure to re-enable Sleep Mode so you don’t lose battery for no reason. Don’t forget to take your NAND dump (located in the /Toolkit/dumps/ folder in the root of your SD Card) and back it up to your PC or somewhere safe so you have access to it. Once it is backed up you can delete the dumps from your Switch to save space.

7. Optional (but recommended). You can Enable AutoRCM from the ReiNX Toolkit. This will allow your Switch to always enter RCM when it is turned on, which means no more right Joycon rail tweaks. This will save your right Joycon rail from any damage you can possibly do to it from constantly playing with it. However, your Switch will be unable to boot without a payload being injected to it. We recommend using AutoRCM since it is extremely convenient, reversible and the Switch’s Sleep Mode functions just as well as turning it off. Please note: If you have autoRCM enabled from another CFW and would like to use the Toolkit for it instead, you must disable AutoRCM using the other CFW/payload before using ours.

8. You are free to update to the latest firmware, as ReiNX works on all of them (as of now). If you do not care about burning your fuses (which, unless you are in possession of an extremely low firmware version and are holding out for coldboot, you shouldn’t care) you can update as you normally would via System Settings. However, if you do want to update and keep your fuses, follow the guide below with instructions on how to do so. Otherwise scroll down to the ReiNX Usage section!

What you need for this:

      • A reliable jig (you need a jig that you’re sure works unless you wanna burn your fuses. So a paperclip won’t do)
      • An internet connection.
      • A stable hand that doesn’t let go of the Volume Up button.
      • ReiNX Toolkit to enable AutoRCM (If you are going this route AutoRCM is a necessity)
      • A USB C cable and a way to push a payload to your Switch

1. If you have AutoRCM enabled, disable it for now. You can do so from the ReiNX Toolkit.

2. Shut off your Switch, and make sure you can successfully boot into RCM every time with your jig. Practice, you only get one shot at this.

3. Boot your Switch with ReiNX as you have done in the past. KEEP THE JIG INSIDE THE JOYCON RAIL.

4. Go into System Settings -> System -> System Update. Begin the process.

5. While your switch is updating, hold down Volume Up the whole time. Make sure the jig is still inside the rail.

6. When it’s done updating, it will reboot into RCM (because you’re holding down volume up and the jig is in).

7. Push the ReiNX.bin payload as you were instructed before in the guide.

8. Once you’re in ReiNX, navigate to the ReiNX Toolkit and enable AutoRCM. This is now mandatory.

      • The reason this is mandatory is that your Switch will burn fuses if it ever touches Original Firmware (booting without RCM), which you can easily do if you forget to have your jig in your Switch or accidentally turn it on normally. When you are running ReiNX you will never burn fuses but will remain on the latest firmware. Remember, AutoRCM is reversible, burning fuses is not.

9. You’re all set! You should now be on the latest version and haven’t burnt any fuses.

Installing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you have got this far, congratulations! You are ready to use Tinfoil to install SSB. Ultimate! We will be using UTorrent to download a .torrent file, which we will then be using to download the game.






1.) Download UTorrent and install it.

  • Be sure to decline the offers to avoid extra programs.

2.) Download the Torrent file.

  • The torrent file can be opened to download a 13.6 GB .nsp file.
    • Download here (please comment if link is broken)

3.) Transferring to SD Card.

  • Once you download the .nsp file and have it on your desktop, you want to move it to your SD Card. If you set it up right, you should have a tinfoil folder in the root of the SD Card. Go into your tinfoil folder and click the nsp folder. Place the .nsp in that folder. (SD Card/tinfoil/nsp)

4.) Installing the file.

  • Once you have the file on your SD Card, plug your SD Card in and start up your switch. Afterwards, open the Homebrew menu and click Tinfoil. Next, click Title Management then Install NSP. The .nsp file you stuck on your SD Card should be there. Click it to install it.

Note: you can follow this part for other .nsp games too.

Congratulations, you have jailbroke and installed Super Smash Bros Ultimate!


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