New Splatoon 2 Sploosh-O-Matic Weapon | Nintendo Switch

New Splatoon 2 Sploosh-O-Matic Weapon | Nintendo Switch

So far in Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch we’ve seen the ink brush, Dualie Squelchers and now joining the Splatoon 2 Weapons line-up will be the Sploosh-O-Matic Weapon and will be the 3rd weapon to be added into Splatoon 2! Although it’s a short range and low accuracy weapon its high fire rate will be great for charging into the enemies opposition. This new Splatoon 2 Sploosh-O-Matic Weapon will feature a curling bomb for its sub weapon along with the splashdown special which also features in many other weapons. Previously appearing in Splatoon for the Wii U as an update, the weapon will have a much loved nostalgia feel for those who have played and used this the weapon in the original Splatoon.

The official Splatoon twitter account announced the new weapon via their latest tweet.

The new weapon will be arriving into the game at 11am Tokyo time on August 5th / 7pm Pacific August 4th / 10pm ET August 4th / 3am UK and 4am CET on August 5th.

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