New Splatoon 2 Dualie Squelcher Weapon | Nintendo Switch

New Splatoon 2 Dualie Squelcher Weapon | Nintendo Switch

Joining the Splatoon 2 Weapons Lineup will be the Dualie Squelcher Weapon which will be arriving at 11am Tokyo time on 29th July / 7pm Pacific July 28th / 10pm ET / 3am UK and 4am CET on July 29th. Although the announcement was posted on the Japanese Splatoon twitter account earlier today we are still not sure what to expect, however those who have played the previous Splatoon on Wii U and if you have used this weapon you may have some idea of how this is planning out.

Previously from Nintendo we saw the much loved ink brush added into the game just only a few days after the launch of Spaltoon 2 and if we go by the updates and weekly tweaks from Nintendo we would expect to see updates and new content like this every few days or couple of weeks.

Spatoon also posted a short GIF giving fans who have never played the previous Splatoon a chance to see this weapons true capabilities.

Nintendo will be following the Splatoon 2 style by rebranding the Splatoon 2 Dualie Squelcher Weapon on Nintendo Switch by adding a new point sensor for a sub weapon and tenta missiles as the special.

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