RUMOR: Xbox games could be coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Xbox Games

According to recent rumors, Xbox games could be making their way to the Nintendo Switch console. It’s exciting to see that we’ll be able to enjoy games that were previously exclusive only to Xbox now available on our Nintendo Switch consoles.

Xbox Games on Nintendo Switch

Although it’s only a rumor, there is strong evidence to show that Microsoft has intentions to expand to other non-Xbox devices. Game Informer,, and even YouTube Channel Direct Feed Games seem convinced that games like Ori and the Blind Forest, and Cuphead will be the first Xbox exclusive games to migrate over to Nintendo Switch.

It seems that Microsoft will be teaming up with Nintendo to bring the Xbox Game Pass; an app which would bring all of the Xbox titles to the Switch. According to sources, Xbox will be able to run what is known as Project XCloud by using the Xbox Game Pass app on Nintendo Switch. This would allow the Nintendo Switch to play games that are too advanced for their hardware to handle to run smoothly on their console.

Microsoft knows that games like Cuphead, and Ori and the Blind Forest would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch audience and would be popular with the Nintendo community. Much like the success Netflix has acquired with its subscription style service, Nintendo will be able to offer their customers something similar. With a more diverse range of games that are hopefully as in demand and successful as Minecraft and Fortnite have shown to be.

Microsoft has shown intentions to expand to other non-Xbox devices, not limited to only Nintendo. At E3 2018 they introduced Project X for the first time and showed Forza played on a phone. While there is no official confirmation by either Microsoft or Nintendo about the rumors, it’s safe to say that we should expect more cross-plays in the future of the gaming industry. 


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