RUMOR: Nintendo Switch RPG could Be Called ‘Pokemon Let’s Go!’ – Eevee & Pikachu

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch RPG to Be Called 'Pokemon Let's Go!' - Eevee & Pikachu

New rumors have appeared online naming ‘Pokemon Let’s Go!’ as the new Nintendo Switch game. These rumors have been circulated around 4chan, so we’re wary of believing them. However a game industry insider, Emily Rogers, has recently revealed new information. The Pokemon Switch game will be similar to the mobile game Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Let’s Go!

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch RPG to Be Called 'Pokemon Let's Go!' - Eevee & Pikachu

This logo has been leaked on 4Chan earlier today. It apparently reads ‘Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu’. This follows on from the rumors that suggest that there will be two versions of the Pokemon Switch game. Evidently, one will be focused on Pikachu. The other one will focus on Eevee. The rumors suggest that they will be the two starter Pokemon.

Other Rumors

The rumors suggest that ‘Pokemon Let’s Go!’ will be very similar to Pokemon Go. With the success of the mobile app it wouldn’t be surprising if this were true. have highlighted some crazy rumors that suggest that players will be able to integrate their Pokemon Go accounts with their Nintendo Switch one. Apparently, the catching mechanism in the game will share features with Pokemon Go, also.

Some players might not be happy with this news. However, it could be that the 2018 Pokemon Switch game is just a placeholder in order to introduced Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch realm. The creators may have wanted to merge into that world sooner, rather than later. In this way, it would give them more time to create a full and traditional game that Pokemon players old and new will love.

Another common rumor in the community suggest that the Pokemon RPG will be a Pokemon Yellow remake. This game was very popular so will definitely appease those fans who have been followers for a long time.

This is all still speculation at this point. We won’t know for sure until the next Nintendo Direct. There are whisperings of a Nintendo Direct coming in the next two weeks. However, E3 2018 is in less than a month so we will have all the information on the game very shortly.


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