RUMOR: Fortnite Switch Reveal Potentially Coming at E3 2018

RUMOR: Fortnite Switch Reveal Potentially Coming at E3 2018

We’ve just heard that Nintendo will possibly reveal Fortnite Switch very soon. With E3 coming in the next few weeks, members of the gaming community are eager to find out what will be next. For those that don’t know, E3 is an event where software developers and hardware manufacturers showcase their new ideas to potential retailers and the press. There are many rumors flying around recently. Most of them regarding exciting new games and innovative technology.

Fortnite Switch:

A Twitter account known as LeakyPanda has revealed that rumors of the popular multi-platform game, Fortnite, coming to Nintendo Switch. In a series of tweets they reveal that the game will be announced at the upcoming E3 event in Los Angeles in June. The rumors suggest that Save the World and Battle Royale may release one after the other.

Of course, the game would have to fit in with their signature features. Because of this, Battle Royale would most likely release as a docked experience. While Save the World could function as on-the-go with a local co-op feature. Other differences would include exclusive Nintendo Switch IP content for StW players. It will still feature cross-play for the Battle Royale mode.

Gaming INTEL followed up with this rumor and contacted their team. They stated that “The leak was gathered through sources within the LeakyPanda environment”.

LeakyPanda is a well-known hub for their exclusive information regarding upcoming news in the gaming community. They predicted the March 8th Nintendo Direct, even before popular gaming journalist Marcus Sellars did.

Why Nintendo Switch?

Previously, the idea of Fortnite coming to Nintendo Switch had been ruled out. This was due to the release of Fortnite Mobile. However, if this new rumor is true it will see Fortnite take over all the popular gaming platforms. Anyone will be able to play Fornite with anyone regardless of what platform they own. This could be a first in the gaming community.

In recent months, the popularity of Nintendo Switch has only increased. The ability to play key games such as Rocket League and Fifa 18 has added to its popularity. Because of this, it is not surprising that they would jump at a chance to have arguably the most popular Battle Royale game as part of their system.

With the versatility of the Switch, Fortnite Switch would be a new gaming experience. Currently Fornite Mobile is only available to those with Apple devices with large memory storage. Fortnite Switch would counter this issue. Non-Apple device owners would be able to play Fornite on-the-go. Of course, we are still waiting on a Fortnite Mobile for GooglePlay but for now, let us bask in the rumors of Fortnite Switch.


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