RUMOR: Nintendo Direct to Be Taking Place Very Soon

Nintendo Direct

If following the pattern of previous years, a Nintendo Direct for Switch games is always on the cards around this time of year. In addition, Gaming INTEL has been provided with exclusive information that suggests a showcase for Nintendo’s latest games will be taking place very soon.

One of our exclusive sources, who has also been proven correct on other leaks and wishes to remain anonymous, seems very confident on the idea of a Nintendo Direct being imminent – based on information he’s received. Following the Nindies showcase for Summer 2018, which took place on August 28th, our source mentioned that we can expect a direct announcement within the next 14 business days. With this message being sent on September 2nd, an official annoucement could be made anytime between now and Sept. 20.

Futhermore, many posts made on GameFAQs also appear to back up the information we’ve received. For example, here’s just one of many – it claims the Nintendo Direct will be taking place September 6th:

It’s another one of those “leakers” who you all love so much. Not asking you to believe me, because I have no evidence to prove i’m telling the truth.

The Direct is September 6th. It’s not just for online, since I know Squeenix are showcasing some old games. I know nothing about a Smash newcomer but it’s unlikely there won’t be one (this is based entirely on own prediction)

If i’m hilariously wrong in 3 days time I encourage you to laugh in my face.

PLEASE NOTE: This specific post is NOT confirmed and could very easily be debunked.

We cannot confirm the legitimacy of some of these reports, so therefore we could be proven wrong. In this case it appears that only time will tell.

However, if these leaks are in fact proven true, which new games would you like to see announced? Leave a comment down below.


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