REPORT: FIFA 19 Allegedly Coming to Nintendo Switch with ‘Vastly Improved Graphics’

FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch

Supervising Producer, Andrei Lazarescu, for FIFA’s new World Cup mode has announced, in an interview with DreamTeamFC, that FIFA 19 will be on the Nintendo Switch along with improved graphics. However, it is still not on the Frostbite engine. FIFA 19 on the Switch will reportedly run on an unknown ‘custom engine’ built for their Nintendo version of the game. Despite FIFA not being on the Frostbite engine currently, the use of the engine for future FIFA titles has not been disclosed.

In fact, Andrei said, “I’m not closing the door on that possibility. However, we didn’t want to create a dumbed-down version of the Frostbite engine.” This specifically showing that they still do have the engine in mind, but it just might not be how they want it in their game yet.

FIFA 19, along with its much improved graphics from previous FIFA 18, which was also on the Switch, will feature many improvments to the game. Some of these improvements, for example are face paints for characters and the crowd can be seen wearing team hats. Some of the other improvements to the game are already seen in the recently released World Cup update.

We will have to wait for other official announcments FIFA has for us. Currently what is known is that FIFA 19 will be on an entirely new engine, better graphics and more advanced gameplay features and mechanics. Being on the Switch is big for FIFA as you can now play it anywhere you want. Of course we will have to wait and see how the game plays and what it looks like with the supposedly ‘vastly improved graphics.’

FIFA 19 on the Nintendo Switch does not yet have an official release date, but be sure to stick with Gaming INTEL to see the latest news on the upcoming FIFA titles.


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