Pokemon Responds to FIRST Leaked Nintendo Switch RPG Image

FIRST Leaked Pokemon Nintendo Switch RPG Image

After a highly talked about image, which is supposedly a leaked in-game screenshot of Pokemon Nintendo Switch, appeared on the internet many fans were left in joy. It now appears that the Pokemon Company have taken notice of this image and responded with another picture.

Pokemon Nintendo Switch Leaked Image

As mentioned in our Pokémon Nintendo Switch Project Codename article, you can just about see that this image looks to be Eevee and a Lapras. After the leaked image surfaced around the internet, @Project_eevee on twitter posted an image of pretty much an identical concept. There is the off chance this could be a coincidence, although let’s face it, everything seems to add up a little too much for that.

Another key aspect regarding this, before we were unaware of whether the leaked Pokemon RPG Switch image was legit, although now with their tweet it’s looking to have some meaning. There has been numerous leaks and reports over the last few weeks regrading this game. E3 2018 is just around the corner, with that said we’re likely to see the first footage / gameplay very soon. The game is also rumoured to be arriving late 2018, therefore that’s even more reason for the die-hard fans to believe news and reveals are imminent.

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