Pokémon Nintendo Switch Release Date ‘Should Be Ready for Nov / Dec’

Pokémon Nintendo Switch Release Date

Fans all around the globe have been waiting for the release of a Pokémon game on the Switch in 2018. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s release was in 2017, but brought little to the table except a slight upgrade from 2016’s Sun and Moon. The franchises loyal following has been itching to get it’s hands on a new game on the Nintendo Switch. An industry insider who goes by the name Pixelpar announced good news regarding the Pokemon Nintendo Switch Release Date on his Twitter, here’s what he said:

What will the game be named? 

We may know very little about the game as of now but there is a bit more. According to Pixelpar, the Pokemon Switch codename is “Project Beluga”. Currently the true name of the game is far from being known. This is all we have until the alleged E3 reveal of the game later this year.

Why this is a groundbreaking year for Nintendo?

Nintendo has released 76 Pokémon games worldwide since 1996 when the first series began. Pokémon has been released everywhere from the Game boy to the Wii U to mobile, but never to the Nintendo Switch. This is factoring out 2017’s Pokkén Tournament DX on the Switch because this was just a port. Not only are they planning a main series Pokémon game, but they are planning much more! “Between a new Kirby game, a new Yoshi game, and promises of a new main-series Pokémon game, the future looks bright.” says Ben Gillbert from Buisness Insider. The company had a bit of a low point with sales of the Wii U being much lower than expected but they seem to be back and better than ever.


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