Panic Button Preparing to Announce New Game, According To Studio Head

Panic Button New Game

The studio behind the Nintendo Switch ports of Rocket League, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are preparing to announce a new game, according to studio head Adam Creighton. Panic Button has previously stated on their website that they are working on a new project, but now we know that the announcement is near.

Switch or not?

These days, Panic Button is most known for their Switch ports of Rocket League, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2. On their LinkedIn page, it states that they are working on unannounced AAA titles for Nintendo Switch. I think it’s safe to assume that whatever this game is, it will be coming to Nintendo Switch. I am personally hoping that this game is a port of Fallout 4 to Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo announced at their Financial results Briefing that the Nintendo Switch Online service would be detailed early may. One theory that Twitter user Vector3 has is that this game could be used to show off how the Nintendo Switch Online works. I think that this is definitely a possibility. It will be a crazy coincidence if these 2 announcements have no correlation.

When will it be announced?

If they’re preparing to announce it now, we can only assume that it will be officially announced within a month of writing this. It has been about 2 months since the last Nintendo Direct, so maybe Nintendo has another direct and it gets announced there. Another direct is what fans would certainly want. I could see this just getting announced randomly on twitter too. It all depends on how big this game is and what the game is. Either way, we’re certainly excited!

You can catch Nintendo’s E3 June 12 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. If an announcement occurs before then, we’ll be the first to report on it. Stay tuned.


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