Nintendo Switch Youtube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Twitch, Mixer & More (Streaming Apps)

Nintendo Switch Youtube (Streaming Apps)

Ever since Nintendo Switch Streaming Apps and Third Parties were mentioned, Youtube, Netflix, Mixer, BBC iPlayer, Twitch etc. have been obvious fan favourites and ever since fans realised that there was actually a possibility that Nintendo Switch Streaming Services may arrive, the majority of fans have become even more hyped for the Switch’s next big possible feature! Find out more about the new possible Streaming Service and Third Party Apps including Nintendo Switch Youtube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Twitch below.

Nintendo Switch Streaming Apps

One of the third party apps available on the Nintendo Switch at the moment is the Japan exclusive “NicoNico”, although the app is only available in Japan it has performed seemingly well and judging by this, Nintendo are clearly trying to launch third party and streaming apps which have a lower fan base in the consoles home country before getting into anything huge like Youtube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Twitch etc.

Although nothing has officially been mentioned on a release date for Nintendo Switch third party apps and streaming services, one thing that Nintendo did confirm was that they definitely do have plans! Whether Nintendo do or do not bring the much loved streaming services we know that they have something big in the works.


With Youtube prominently appearing on Nintendo’s main competition’s interface and apps menu, Xbox and Playstation, they’ll want to grow their fan base even more with one of then most popular apps in the world. With an app like this and which is usually know worldwide it would be extremely unlikely for Nintendo to release this to Japan before, although just like what they did do with NicoNico.

Nintendo Switch Youtube (Streaming Apps)


Once again with Netflix also having a partnership with Nintendo’s main competition, they’ll want to take that away from them however they may be paying a hefty price!

Nintendo Switch Netflix (Streaming Apps)

With other apps like BBC iPlayer, Twitch, Mixer and more expected to make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch we still are not sure whether Nintendo will try and get them released for later this year or whether they’ll wait. Our bet is on a few apps like Youtube, Netflix and BBC Player being released later this year to the Nintendo Switch Streaming Apps and Third Party list, however don’t be surprised if they do decide to wait!

Let us know in the comments below on what you think about Nintendo Switch Third Party Apps and Streaming Services!

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