Nintendo Switch Virtual Console – Will It Ever Happen?

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console

The switch has been out for 13 months, yet we still don’t have virtual console. Many people assumed that Nintendo was waiting to release virtual console when the Nintendo Switch Online service releases. But with the announcement of Sega Ages some fans are left wondering, are we ever going to get Nintendo Switch virtual console?

What does Sega Ages have to do with Virtual Console?

Sega ages is a line of classic games for Nintendo Switch. Some of these classic games include Phantasy star, Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force 4. On past Nintendo systems (wii, wii u) classic games such as these would go on Nintendo’s virtual console service. Them releasing separately on their own application is a bad look for virtual console switch, if there is a virtual console switch.

What could Nintendo do instead?

Many fans have speculated about a Netflix type service for classic games. I think that this is definitely a possibility, but as of now that is just speculation. Nintendo has already released a few of their own classic games on switch. Nintendo are calling these “Arcade Archives”. A few games that Nintendo themselves have released are Mario Bros, Punch out, and Super Mario Bros. If you’re eager for classic games on switch, those are your only options right now!

What has Nintendo said about virtual console?

Reggie has said many times that Virtual Console is not out of the question on switch.

Will you ever be able to play my classic games on Switch?

The answer to this is yes! You will be able to play classic titles with added online play, starting in September with the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online Service. You will be able to do this with Classic Game Selection. It should be noted that Classic Game Selection is separate from virtual console. Classic Game Selection will add 3 classic games every month, with added online play. It is an online growing catalogue. You get all these games as long as you’re paying for the Nintendo Switch Online Service. The Nintendo Switch Online Service costs 20 dollars a year.

Nintendo’s description of classic game selection

“Subscribers will get to download a compilation of classic titles with added online play, such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr.Mario.”


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