Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Game to Release ‘2018 or Later’

Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Game to Release '2018 or Later'

This year at E3 Nintendo announced that a Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Game will be arriving 2018 or later. They said “Gamefreak will be developing the core RPG Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch, however it may not release for more than a year”. With Nintendo’s Q1 financial reports now available to view one thing that was clearly mentioned was that Pokemon for Switch will be arriving 2018 or later. Find out more about Gamefreak’s Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Game, including the release date, details and more below.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Game

This June Nintendo announced two new Pokemon Games. The first one was Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon which will be coming to the 3DS in November and the second was Pokken Tournament DX which will be arriving to the Nintendo Switch on September 22nd. Although many fans were hoping for a Pokemon Game to arrive to the Nintendo Switch, and this is what we are going to receive players preferred to have a RPG adventure game instead of the fighting style game Pokken Tournament DX.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon - Pokken Tournament DX

Release Date

Recently the Nintendo Q1 financial reports got released and one of the things that many fans noticed was that Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch (temp.) will be coming out in 2018 or later. Some fans have interpreted this the wrong way and have thought that this is a delay, however if we go back to what they said at E3 this is no different as they didn’t say that it would be definitely coming out in 2018.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Game Release Date

With Pokken Tournament DX coming out this year, a 2018 release for Pokemon RPG seems far too early so our bet would be 2019 as Nintendo clearly stated that we shouldn’t be surprised to see it not coming in 2018.


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