Nintendo Switch Pokemon ‘2018’ – NEW Features, Rumours, Release Date & Wishlist

Nintendo Switch Pokemon 2018 - NEW Features, Release Date, Rumours & Wishlist

Nintendo Switch Pokémon ‘2018’ is simultaneously one of the most exciting Switch games but also one that we know almost nothing about. However, we’ve managed to pull together everything we know so far about the game, while discussing some of the biggest rumours and features we’d like to see when it finally releases. We also take a deeper look into the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game Release Date.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon ‘2018’ NEW Features & Rumours

No one is sure how this new Pokémon game will play, but there are several things we do know. First of all, there will be a new battle system to coincide with the graphical update from handheld to home console. Some sources have stated that it could be more similar to a Digimon game (ironically enough) or even have battles take place in real-time. With this sort of overhaul, it could be potentially concerning to the longtime fans, but interesting to those who’ve criticized the franchise for following a template with each release.

Another rumour about the game (which comes from the same source as the previous one) deals with Mega Evolutions. After the days of X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, Game Freak has seemingly thrown this feature to the wayside in favor of Z Moves and Alola Forms. According to this rumour, Mega Evolution will be even more forgotten, as it will play no part in the upcoming Switch game.


No one is sure what Pokémon Switch will actually be called when it’s released, or if it will continue the format of releasing two versions of the same game. Some have speculated that the game would be a complete rebuilding of the original Pokémon Red and Blue to cash in on the nostalgia while promising something completely new.

Another rumour is that the game will be the fabled Diamond and Pearl remakes. After the revamped Ruby and Sapphire a few years prior, it seems the Sinnoh Region is next on the list. There hasn’t been a lot of support for this rumour, and it’s probably the least likely on this entire list, but it’s still something to keep on your radar.

Previously, it was speculated that the new games would be called Pokémon 1 & 0, but that rumour has been debunked.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG Release Date

The biggest rumour surrounding Pokémon Switch is when it will release (that’s the one most people care about anyway). Thankfully, Nintendo’s latest fiscal report seems to have confirmed it: “2018 or later.”

When the game actually drops is largely dependent on how the development process continues, but many have speculated that this could mean Nintendo is targeting Pokémon Switch to be their holiday title. After all, that’s one of the few ways they can top last year’s Super Mario Odyssey.

If the game is pushed back to 2019, it’s likely that we could see it around spring break, the same time that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released.

Nothing has been confirmed other than a vague statement, but we’ll keep you updated as the information drops.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon ‘2018’ Wishlist

There are a few massive rumours surrounding the game as well as a handful of features we already know, but there are a few things we at Gaming Intel would like to see in Pokémon Switch:

The first feature we’d like to see is a revamped menu system. With the lack of two screens, Game Freak can’t shove the menu to the bottom. They can’t make it only usable with the Switch’s touchscreen either, considering the hybrid nature of the console. We’d like to see them come up with some way to make the menu feel natural without directly interrupting gameplay.

The second feature we’d like to see is the return of partner Pokémon. After HeartGold and SoulSilver, it was one of the most-requested features in subsequent entries. There is even data in Sun and Moon that points to Game Freak incorporating this feature again. Now that the series is getting a serious hardware upgrade, there’s no reason to not bring this back. We would love to see our new Pokémon running behind us in glorious HD.

The final feature we’d like to see is a real-time encounter system. Think of how Xenoblade Chronicles lets creatures roam around the world, allowing you to attack them at will. While not necessarily at that scale (or with quite as significant power gaps), we would love to see this in a Pokémon game. Walking through tall grass and seeing a group of Pikachu scatter away would take our breath away.

Pokémon Switch has no concrete release date, but is rumoured to release late 2018 or early 2019.


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