RUMOUR: Nintendo Switch Pokemon 1 & 0 Titles Leaked | Release Date Details & More

RUMOUR: Nintendo Switch Pokemon 1 & 0 Titles Leaked | Release Date & More

Huge Nintendo Switch Pokemon rumours and leaks have started to occur before the expected announcement date! Nintendo are rumoured to have new Switch titles in the works, including Pokemon 1 and 0 which are both being developed by Game Freak. It seems that these titles may have sneaked themselves ahead of their scheduled announcement at the rumoured Nintendo Direct seemingly arriving on January 11th. As of yet it’s unclear where these possibly leaked titles lie in between the core RPG Pokemon Nintendo Switch game, however more details will be coming soon. The Pokemon 0 and 1 Release Date for Nintendo Switch is unsurprisingly not yet confirmed, however with Nintendo hoping to reach their incredible milestone of 20 million units sold by the end of the year there is certainly the possibility of these rumoured titles coming in 2018.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon 1 & 0

The rumours came from a place called ‘Scribd‘ where Logo art and trademarks for Pokemon 0 and 1 have appeared, making this seem much more convincing than just speculation. Of course we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of this just being fake, however we will most likely hear more on January 11th.

Unless plans change it’s becoming more likely that a Nintendo Direct, which will reveal many new upcoming games and titles for the Switch, will be taking place on January 11th so if these Pokemon 0 and 1 rumours do turn out to be true we could be in for a treat. Although the Nintendo Direct is just a rumour, the previous Directs took place on the second Thursday of January, this year that date is January 11th. Also EA said their game ‘FE’ will be revealed for the Switch in a January direct, as well as the many listings which mysteriously appeared on Amazon making this Nintendo Switch Direct seem much more convincing.

Release Date

With Nintendo predicting and hoping for the huge milestone of 20 million Switch sold units by the end of 2018, there has been lots of speculation on what they have in store to pull it off. Whereas some believe they will create other games to reach the extraordinary number, our bet is that Pokemon 1 and 0 is what they predict will allow them to do so in 2018. Therefore we’re estimating a late 2018 Nintendo Switch Pokemon 0 and 1 Release Date!

Let us know what you think of the rumoured upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon 1 and 0 games in the comments below.


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