Nintendo Switch Paladins Version – Will It Take Place?

Nintendo Switch Paladins

One type of genre the Nintendo Switch is missing are hero shooters. With a recent data mine from a new Paladins update, we may have found the answer to this genre’s absence. This information has inferred that we may not have to wait long to get our hands on a Nintendo Switch Paladins Version.

Paladins leaked for Nintendo Switch?

This rumor began in November 2017. A PC player data mined Paladins Version Open Beta 62. In that version, engine config files for a Nintendo Switch version were found. Along with this, Hi-Rez studios say that they do have a title in the works for the Nintendo Switch. This title is yet to be announced. Recently a new update version of Paladins was released, and as always, it was data mined. In this version of the game reddit user bakugo found more text related to a Switch version. His quote was “There’s a bunch of new text related to a Nintendo version of the game.”.

What is Paladins?

Paladins is a free to play hero shooter. It would do very well on the Nintendo Switch for 2 reasons. One reason is because there are not any games on the Nintendo Switch like Paladins. The second reason is because the game is free! A lot of people would give it a try.

Like I said previously, there are no hero shooters on Nintendo Switch. If this game is a success on switch, Blizzard may see that and think Overwatch would be a fit for the platform. This game could also sell a great amount of units for Nintendo. I’ve heard people say they would buy a Nintendo Switch only if Paladins was on it.

Paladins is inevitable for Nintendo Switch. We should expect an announcement in an upcoming direct or even at E3. You can catch Nintendo’s E3 2018 conference sometime between June 12-14.


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