Nintendo Labo Easter Egg – Turn Joy Cons into Lightsabers

Nintendo Labo Easter Egg - Light Saber

A Nintendo Labo Easter egg has been found by Reddit user Redidididodidot. This Easter egg turns the Joy Cons into lightsabers. Find out exactly how to activate this and everything you need to know below.

Nintendo Labo Easter Egg! To activate it press up or X along with the shoulder buttons. from r/NintendoSwitch

How to activate?

This Easter egg is in the “Move the Joy Con around!” section. In this section, you press the X button along with the shoulder buttons. Once you do that you activate the beam, your Joy Cons turn into a light saber! This is most likely not the only Easter egg inside Labo. I imagine people are already searching for more. It should be noted that this Easter egg is only in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit.

How is Nintendo Labo selling?

Nintendo Labo is outselling Game of the Year Contender God of War! This new edition for Nintendo sold through 40% of its Japan Shipment. The Nintendo Variety sold 90,140 units in Japan alone. The Nintendo Labo Robot kit sold 28,629 units In Japan. Pretty good for cardboard! Labo beat God of War to debut as number one on Amazon US too.

With Nintendo Labo only being out for 9 days, people have already made crazy cool creations. For example, Youtube user MrJB has made a vending machine, and a magic box. Some people have even gone as far to make a cardboard violin! It will be exciting to see what crazy creations people make with Labo in the future. This item is on store shelves now. You can purchase the Variety Kit for 69.99 USD, and the Robot Kit for 79.99 USD.


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