Next Nintendo Direct Taking Place in April 2019 – Rumor

Nintendo Direct April 2019

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests the next Nintendo Direct will be taking place in April 2019.

“A source which I have been in communication with for a while now has told me there is a Nintendo Direct planned for April. I can’t go into detail right now but this source has been correct on previous Nintendo Direct announcements and dates. I’ll be in touch nearer the time to give you some further details.”

Nintendo Direct April 2019

Although almost all leaks should be taken with at least some skepticism, we are confident on this. This source has been reliable in the past and when cross-checking with our most reliable Nintendo source, they stated this was consistent with what they’ve heard so far.

It’s worth taking note that Gaming INTEL has also correctly predicted an array of previous Nintendo Directs.

Gaming INTEL has also cross-checked this information with several other sources to provide this leak in particular with even more credibility.

It’s believed to surface for roughly 30-40 minutes, as per usual. While many previous Directs have arrived at either 2 PM PT or 3 PM PT, we expect this one to be no different.

The upcoming Nintendo Direct for April 2019 doesn’t appear to be too out of the ordinary. The Big N usually follow Indie Directs with a huge livestream for all of their major upcoming arrivals. While the latest colossal showcase for Indie games occurred on March 20th, it would make sense to see them unveil their upcoming releases with a Direct livestream in April.

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The latest Nintendo Direct to date took place during February 2019. A two-month gap between the previous and upcoming Direct may seem too soon. However, the month of April has quite a reputation for being home to major Nintendo Direct showcases.

Nintendo Direct

Back in 2015 and 2017, Nintendo held a Direct livestream in the month of April to showcase an array of upcoming games. April has also received major Directs even prior to that.

Which Games Will Be Featured?

While there hasn’t been a great deal of information regarding what Nintendo will introduce down the line as of yet, we can merely speculate on what’ll be featured at the upcoming Direct.

February’s Direct featured an addition to Nintendo’s smash-hit Super Mario Maker game, alongside The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Potentially, Nintendo could announce additional details for the upcoming Animal Crossing installment or even information on the highly-anticipated Zelda sequel. While Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a Spring Update scheduled prior to the end of April, it’s highly likely that we’ll see further details regarding that.

Whatever Nintendo have up their sleeve, there is one thing we know for sure – fans are in for an extraordinary surprise!

Which games would you like to see announced during the upcoming April 2019 Nintendo Direct? Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to check back here for further details nearer the time, as soon as we receive information we deem reliable it will be posted here. To get instantly notified when we receive additional details, you can follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications.


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