New Super Mario Bros. U Could Potentially Arrive on Nintendo Switch

New Super Mario Bros. U - Nintendo Switch

Current information and rumours in the world of Mario have been circulating. These rumours and speculation have mainly centred around the possible transfer of the New Supers Mario Bros. U coming to the Nintendo Switch. This transfer of games from the Wii U to the Switch is also referred to as ‘porting’. The definition of porting, simply means that a video game is designed for another platform but has been converted, tailored or optimised to a different platform than its original. Many games, especially within the spectrum of Nintendo consoles, have already seen a crossover or ‘port’ to a newer device/platform. With all this in consideration, it is not out of the realms of possibility that the same outcome may result with the New Super Mario Bros. U.

In addition to this, a ComicBook journalist named Liam Robertson has recently reported around other future potential leaks. With a proven track record surrounding rumours and Nintendo information, his sources, being both Nintendo of Europe and other ‘unnamed’ sources, provide a collection of intelligence, material and data. Although nothing has been technically confirmed yet by Nintendo, at least officially speaking, the rumours and leaks are still enough to cause a frenzy or eager anticipation and excitement for both hardcore Mario fans and casual gamers alike.

What Do We Know So Far?

Many may suggest that due to the lack of details and displays at the Nintendo’s E3 showcase,  all these rumours and leaks are simply hearsay. But the Nintendo President himself, Tatsumi Kimishima, revealed during the 78th General Shareholders Meeting, that there were more Nintendo titles to come and that the company has not fully disclosed the 2018 software lineup in its entirety. In order to remain competitive and to ensure high seasonal sales, Tatsumi went on to state

“Nintendo will reveal more about its full 2018 lineup at the appropriate time, and this includes games that will launch during the competitive holiday season at the year’s end”

So do not be dismayed about the lack of exact information, as we now know that there will be another marketing surge coming toward the end of the year with more Nintendo title releases. It would be safe to assume that if the sources are correct, the game and software reveals would include the potential New Super Mario Bros. U for Switch.

It should also be mentioned that Liam Robertson has discussed about a ‘New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’ title/name being murmured throughout the Mario and Nintendo spheres. But again without absolute details or outright confirmation of this, for now, it can only be accepted as a placeholder name.

To counter the previous statement, there are a few, albeit ambiguous, factors which would support the ‘Deluxe’ suffix, for a New Mario Bros. U title making a port later this year. In 2013 the Wii U version of the New Super Mario Bros’ U game received the paid DLC New Super Luigi U.

New Super Mario Bros. U - Luigi DLC


Despite originally being its own paid add-on, it later started being shipped with the full main game as a bundle or package. This is a process most developers adopt when initial DLC sales start to slow down. So if we saw the New Super Mario Bro’s U Deluxe title, coming to Switch later this year, it may come shipped with the previous DLC and more potential additional content. If trends are followed regarding previous re-released titles Nintendo may also include a range of “Bonus Videos” as part of the Deluxe edition.


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