NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch | Confirmed Via Promotion

NBA 2K19 Nintendo Switch

With 2K being extremely happy with the sales on 2K18 for the Nintendo Switch, there have been plenty of rumors going around about a potential 2K19 being released on the hybrid system. Last night, a reddit user posted a picture of a promotional cutout confirming the newest installment release. NBA 2K19 will be released on September 7th 2018, with preorders being released 4 days early.

NBA 2K19 Nintendo Switch Confirmed

The official NBA 2K twitter account has changed its name to 2K19 and confirmed the same information this morning but did not mention any consoles as of yet. They also posted a video of the 20th Anniversary Edition cover athlete as Lebron James with the motto “They Will Know Your Name”. There are typically two cover athletes in the 2K series. One being a special edition that is shown with the announcement and the other being voted on by the fans. 2K18s cover athletes were Shaquille O’Neal and Kyrie Irvin, respectively.

NBA 2K18 was released on the Switch digitally the same day as other consoles, getting a physical released a month later. One major concern with any game coming to the Nintendo Switch is the requirement of additional downloads to your console due to the price of game carts. 2K18 was an additional download size of 19.7GBs with updates. This will most likely be a concern with the next installment as it does not seem like the price of carts has gone down. The previous installment had a resolution of 720p and a frame rate of 30 FPS in both docked and handheld mode. Take-Two Interactive did a fantastic job porting 2K18 to Switch and reducing the file size while keeping the core of the fact intact.

One thing to look for is a better experience in portable mode away from Wi-Fi, as 2K18 was very limited offline. Skill Point (SP) are rewarded instead of Virtual Currency (VC), and is only useable offline. I mostly played 2K in portable mode and worked away from Wi-Fi as I felt very restrained while playing. In the future, there should be some way to transfer SP into VC, even if it’s only for the Switch version. Offline and portable play needs to be considered when making any game for the Nintendo Switch.

With an additional year of working on the hybrid console, can 2K and Take-Two Interactive push the Switch to newer limits? I most certainly hope so. Resolution could use an increase to 1080P while framerate stays at 30FPS as I do not think they could get it to run at 60FPS consistently. I am excited for the release of the next installment of the 2K series and will be in line with the rest of you picking it up at launch. We will most likely have to wait until the Switch announcement at the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct.



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