Miiverse Was Originally Planned for Nintendo Switch, According to Leak

Miiverse Nintendo Switch Leak

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests Miiverse was originally planned for Nintendo Switch. The leaked information comes from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Miiverse Initially Planned for Nintendo Switch – LEAK

According to our exclusive source, Miiverse was initially planned for Nintendo Switch during its development phase (prior to the console’s release). They go on to mention that it was implemented very well in the Operating System.

In addition to Miiverse being planned for the Nintendo Switch, it was also meant to arrive with an array of features. While to begin with, the console had plenty of room for improvement, these would’ve certainly been widely acclaimed from fans. An example of one feature that Miiverse was meant to have is live streaming natively from the console on select games.

Why Didn’t It Take Place?

Why was it scrapped, you may ask? Nintendo decided to not release Miiverse on Switch to gain faster loading times. Also, they preferred screenshots and videos of their games being shared on traditional social media’s like Twitter and Facebook.

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What is Miiverse?

It’s all very well knowing how the service didn’t arrive on Switch, although if you didn’t play Wii U you might not have much of an idea as to what you would’ve been missing out on.

Miiverse is a social networking service which was first introduced on the Wii U in 2012. The platform allowed players to post drawings and messages. Many of you would’ve been greeted by it once you booted up the console. Unfortunately, it was shut down by Nintendo on Wednesday, November 8 at 1 AM ET, in 2017.

It’s thought that Nintendo shut down the service as it was very chaotic and hard to moderate. They believed it wasn’t taking them in the direction they wanted.

Nintendo may have obliterated the service for the right reasons. Although, looking back at some of the features this service would’ve included on Switch, it certainly is a real shame to see its release not follow through.


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