Mario Tennis Aces Characters, Bosses & Courts – Datamined

Mario Tennis Aces Characters, Bosses & Courts

Mario Tennis Aces is set to come out June 22nd for the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the franchise are excited for it’s release. Even more so now that Twitter user @BlazingFlare has shared some datamined information regarding the game. The information came from the Mario Tennis demo tournament.

Mario Tennis Aces Characters

Some of the fan favourites will be playable for this game. The standard characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi will be playable. There doesn’t seem to be any information on characters from the ‘Baby’ range (i.e Baby Mario).

There will be some characters that can be unlocked throughout the game. Unlockable Mario Tennis characters include Chain Chomp, Rosalina and Waluigi. Others include Diddy, Koopa Troopa, Para Troopa, Shy Guy, Kameck, Birdo, Spike, Boom Boom and Dry Bones. It is thought that the unlockable characters will be earned as participation rewards. Furthermore, there is a potential to unlock the characters through the adventure mode. He does mention that Miis will be playable. However, he has since retracted that comment as he isn’t entirely sure that they will be playable.

BlazingFlare also found the text files for the Mario Tennis bosses. These include King Boo, Ice, Eyerok and Petey Piranha. He also mentions that the datamined files include names such as ‘boss_mirage’ and ‘boss_statuekoopa’.

Mario Tennis Aces Court List

The court list is rather basic and vague in terms of settings. These include ‘stadium’, ‘haunted’, ‘battleship’ and ‘sand’. There will be a tennis court in Bowser’s Castle and in a Snow Mountain also.

Although this list seems rather limited, Reddit user (JCKirbs) says that there could actually be more. He states that there should be around 25 courts split into those categories. Assumedly, he means the basic names such as ‘sand’ and ‘forest’ but this could refer to all seven courts that were datamined.


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