LEAK: New Nintendo Switch Revision Coming in 2019 With Increased Internal Storage

Nintendo Switch Revision Leak
Concept via tablet-news.com

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information from a source whom wishes to remain anonymous. The information we’ve received suggests that a new Nintendo Switch Revision is coming in 2019. In addition, a major feature within the upcoming version is increased internal storage. Nintendo has prioritised this due to the increase of game purchases and digital downloads from the eShop.

New Nintendo Switch Revision Coming in 2019

The message we have received is as follows:

“I’ve just gotten word that a Nintendo Switch Revision is releasing next year. It will have an increased internal storage. Nintendo has made this a priority due to the increase of digital downloads and game purchases from the eshop.”

In addition, our source also mentioned:

“Right now I am trying to figure out if this 2019 Nintendo Switch Revision is a Nintendo Switch Pro type device or a minor upgrade device like the new Nintendo 3ds.”

The upcoming console is expected to feature a large variety of improvements. In terms of display, the current Switch is usually known for featuring lower-end technologies. The new Nintendo Switch revision will more than likely have an updated display, which will allow the image to appear significantly more bright, and energy-efficient. Furthermore, there is a strong possibility that this will feature a prolonged lifecycle, as teased by Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima back in January.

Regarding the release date of a new Nintendo Switch revision, fans could be looking at anytime in 2019. As of now, the second half is looking like the most likely option. This would allow time for the current Switch to develop and increase its number of sales, amongst growing other aspects of the beloved console. It appears the current version is around the 20 million mark for hardware unit sales, in which could easily be increased with Christmas shopping.

By no means has the information above been officially confirmed by Nintendo themselves. However, Gaming INTEL can confirm that we’ve received this from a credible source. In addition, we’ve also cross-checked this with several other sources within our team.

PLEASE NOTE: The featured image is a concept, and was created by tablet-news.com. The upcoming Nintendo Switch revision will feature a different design.


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