LEAK – NEW Nintendo Direct Information for November 2018

Nintendo Direct November 2018

Here at Gaming INTEL we have received another leak from one of our most reliable tipsters, whom has previously requested to stay anonymous at all times. This particular leaker has been extremely accurate on Nintendo information in the past, including on the last 2 Nintendo Direct dates.

2 Nintendo Directs in November 2018

According to our tipster, “There will be 2 Nintendo directs in the month of November”. Although two Nintendo Directs in one month has already happened this year, it is not a common occurrence at all and in fact┬áhas never happened in the month of November before. With big releases and announcements around the corner, this is no doubt going to send the Nintendo hype up even further this month.

Nintendo Direct Coming This Week

Our tipster has stated with confidence that the first of the two Nintendo Direct’s this month is coming later this week. The exact snippet of the message we received was “I can say with confidence that a direct [will] occur later this week. It may be announced as soon as tomorrow morning”.

We could be receiving an announcement for the next Nintendo Direct presentation in a matter of hours. However, whether ‘tomorrow’ is referring to Tuesday October 30th, 2018 or Wednesday October 31st, 2018 we cannot be sure as we do not know the current timezone of our leaker (we suspect they’re referring to Tuesday). As early as 10AM EST was earmarked as a possible ‘earliest’ time, however the last few announcements have happened at 6PM EST. Times for both announcements and the Direct’s are not limited though, they have popped up at different times over the years.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

A big question from a large part of the fanbase is when will Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch come up? It’s coming in one of the two Direct’s in November but we can’t be sure which one as of yet. As we receive more information on this we will update this article and tweet it out, however stay patient and let’s see what comes up by the end of the week.

We had previously reported a leak that a Nintendo Direct would happen between 5th – 12th November this year. Right now we’re not 100% sure where this ties in or whether it’s been brought forward to this week. We do not have a complete view on all the information, but we do have leakers relaying the important parts and info they deem safe enough to release. Schedules and plans can change at a moments notice due to unforeseen circumstances which can be another problem with these sort of leaks changing. However, the information in this article does ring true, another insider in touch with the Gaming INTEL team is also confident something is going on this week.

We stress this is leaked information and not officially confirmed, but the track record of our leaker has been excellent. Stay tuned. The best way is to follow us and turn on notifications so we can instantly alert you with any further announcements or leaks.


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