Japanese Site Reveals More Details on Mario Tennis Aces’ Story & Modes

Mario Tennis Aces' Story & Modes

The world of Mario has, for many years, been weaving its way into almost all aspects of the gaming world. Ranging from challenging epic boss fights and weapon-based racing all the way to rainbow shot golf games. Starting from the classic Mario platformer, that most gamers love and know, right to the high polygon-count 3D characters we now see on screen. Nintendo and the world of Mario have done it all. It’s been close to 40 years since we were first introduced to Mario (Donky Kong 1981). And due to his likeable style, comical soundboard and Italian charm, he quickly became the face of this gaming universe. A steady stream of games has been released, seeing as much as 3 a year across different Nintendo based platforms. This year certainly is no different! News and information have been released regarding the upcoming Mario Tennis Aces’ story and adventure modes.

According to a Japanese site, the details and specifics for this latest tennis saga have been translated. Details below will contain story mode themes and plots so if you do not wish to know what happens, skip past the Adventure section. All information is based on findings from Nintendos Japanese site, so can be assumed is to be accurate.

The full release for this game will be on Nintendo Switch on 22nd June 2018. A demo will also be available on the Switch store from the 24th may. In the demo, you will be able to level up characters and unlock content ready for upcoming tournaments and the full release. The developers are Camelot Software Planning (owned by Sega) so we can expect great things.

Adventure Mode (Story)

This Mario Tennis Aces story starts with players competing in a tennis tournament, battling for points and enjoying the day. But the atmosphere slowly shifts as Wario and Waluigi start to cheat (no surprise there). A power surging from within their tennis rackets cause a state of pandemonium to fill the courts. The confusion and drama the ensued starts to settle. But upon closer inspection, it appears that Luigi is nowhere to be found. Conveniently Wario and Waluigi have also vanished.

Your objective, playing as Mario, is to complete certain matched and criteria. The addition of match requirements (time, win by points, defeat enemies) provides an exciting layer. This is a positive dynamic, as a 1-dimensional tennis game would become stale quick without this.

As well as this, there is a progression system, similar to an RPG based game. The further you progress and the more experience you acquire, you will unlock better rackets with great powers and skill points. The journey you undertake will see you trying to progress the onslaught of enemies. Level by level, tier by tier, until you can help retrieve Luigi back from the evil spell he is under.

Other Mario Tennis Aces Game Modes

  • Free Match (Singles/Doubles)

– This is the standard exhibition mode which you can play with friends. Up to 4 players can join based and battle based on the rules you set. Time limit, points to win and court/arena can all be selected in this fun basic mode.

Mario Tennis Aces LAN

  • Local Verses (LAN)

– Another mode that allows up to 4 players and supports doubles as well as the standard singles match type. Provided that all players have their own Nintendo Switch, you can all connect to the same local Network.

Mario Tennis Aces Doubles

  • Online

– With an internet connection, you can compete online with anyone around the world. This online mode allows you to play either singles matches or pair up and enjoy doubles.

– Two modes are available in with the tournament’s bracket. Bother single player and online tournaments. In the single players, mode player will compete in a standard format, with the winner progressing through each stage. The online tournament will follow the same structure but have an online worldwide ranking system.

Mario Tennis Aces Multiplayer

Swing Mode

– Also allows players to battle in both singles and doubles modes. But this game type lets you physically swing with the Switch’s Joy-Con (two-part controller). Reminiscent of the early Nintendo Wii games, you will actually have to hit the shots in real time. This mode is perfect for players who wish to just play for fun whilst maintaining a great party atmosphere.

Mario Tennis Aces tournament

Extra Setting and Information

Across some modes, you can alter the setting to heighten your experience. Not just by amending the standard “time and points” settings, but perhaps by adding a super large, slow-moving tennis ball. Or even allowing unlimited energy, for a truly high paced experience. Once again, it seems we will be getting a game that perfectly caters to all types of gamers.

(Mario Tennis Aces online game modes are free to play until September 2018, by which point you will need a Nintendo Switch Online Service, to play)


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