Hearthstone to Arrive on the Nintendo Switch? – Blizzard Says “Don’t Rule It Out”

Hearthstone to Arrive on the Nintendo Switch? - Hearthstone Nintendo Switch

With Hearthstone almost being available for a few years, you wouldn’t expect to see the game arrive on a new console, however Blizzard may have hinted at just that! According to Trusted Reviews, at BlizzCon 2017 Peter Whalen stated, “I don’t think anyone is working on it, but we shouldn’t rule out the idea of Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch.” Check out more regarding the Nintendo Switch Hearthstone game below.

Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch games are gradually increasing each day and making this prove to be one great console. We shouldn’t be surprised to see the game arrive on the hybrid console, although we may be waiting a while. Nintendo Switch fans seem to want a Nintendo Switch Hearthstone game to join the games line-up by popular demand. Despite the number of good quality games already available on the Nintendo Switch, that won’t stop the high demand for even more fan favourites, such as Super Smash Bros, Hearthstone and more.

Cross Platform Play

Nintendo have introduced many new cross-platform play games on the Nintendo Switch, for example Rocket League, Minecraft and more. Hearthstone is currently available on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Although nothing has been confirmed, if Nintendo were to make this take place it’ll be very interesting to see how Hearthstone turns out with cross-platform play between PC and Mac players or iOS and Android users.

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