Nintendo Will Fix Switch Joy-Con Drifting Issues for Free, Claims VICE

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drifting

In addition to refunding prior pairs, Nintendo has also agreed to fix Switch Joy-Con drifting issues for free. This is according to a new story from VICE.

Nintendo’s initial comment on the matter didn’t offer players with much support, so much so that it sparked a little backlash from fans. For a few months now, hardcore Nintendo fans have been experiencing issues with Switch Joy-Cons. The issue causes the thumbstick to read movement without player input, which can be extremely frustrating – especially when in a competitive environment.

With little help on the problem to begin with, fans began to attempt to fix their own Joy-Cons. Alongside recalibrating the controllers and making sure the Joy-Cons are up to date on the software, some players have tried fixing theirs with compressed air. This didn’t quite go to plan in some cases, however.

It’s unclear as to exactly why drifting is happening. In some cases, it could be because of the build up of dust and grime, whereas others could simply be down to internal fault with the Joy-Con.

Thankfully, a source close to Nintendo customer support documentation has told Vice Games that customers who request for a refund will receive one, regardless of the warranty status and proof of purchase.

Of course, this is not officially confirmed so we must remain somewhat skeptical – even though this report does seem legitimate. Theoretically speaking, if this is true then fans will certainly acclaim the decision. Instead of the vague acknowlegedement of the issue like before, this will now provide players with the support they deserve.

Nintendo has also been subject to a Class Action Lawsuit investigation due to the issues. Depending on why the issues are occurring, will most likely determine the severity of this investigation.

Have you been experiencing issues with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons? How bad is the drifting for you?

Joy Con Drift FAQs

What is Joy Con Drift?

Joy Con drift is an issue with Nintendo Switch controllers where the movement on the game does not properly represent the movement of the analog sticks. This can cause the view to flick randomly or gradually move in another direction, despite no touching of the analog stick.

This can affect all games which use the analog stick, particularly shooters and driving games. It can be possible to play through it, but it makes the game far more difficult.

How do you fix a drifting analog stick joy con?

Fixing the drifting analog issue on a Nintendo Switch joy con can be difficult, especially as there may be a defect or an internal fault which requires professional attention. However, there are a few things you can try:

  1. Recalibrate your Joy-Con through the System Settings > Controllers and Sensors tab.
  2. Check the System Settings for a controller update and make sure you have the latest version.
  3. Try carefully removing any grime or dirt built up between the analog and casing, using compressed air can help this.

Remember to try and use the Switch with clean hands, if you’re someone who travels a lot with it then we would definitely recommend buying a Nintendo approved case.

How do I clean my Nintendo switch joy cons?

As stated in the above FAQ, keeping your Joy-Cons clean can be vital in stopping issues such as analog drifting. We recommend either a microfibre cloth, compressed air carefully in-between the analog or a damp cloth, being careful not to get the insides wet at all.

You can also try using a Cotton Swab in the groves and hard to reach places but be gentle.

Will Nintendo replace my joy con?

Yes, according to the latest story from Vice if the analog is drifting. It seems Nintendo has recognised a fault or poor design may be causing this frequent issue and has decided to generously offer a refund, regardless of warranty. With no official confirmation, we cannot be sure how long this will last for though.


  1. I was experiencing it a few weeks back but didn’t think much of it. Then, I was playing BOTW this past week and it was happening a TON. I thought I was the only one so I’m glad to heat that I’m not😅


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