REPORT: FIFA 19 & Madden 19 Coming to Nintendo Switch

FIFA 19 and Madden 19 Coming To Nintendo Switch | FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has recently passed the fifteen million sales milestone, so it’s no surprise most developers are attempting to get their games published on the Console. Ever since FIFA 18 released on the Switch, on September 29th, the game has sold approximately 350,000 copies. Throughout all platforms FIFA 18 has surpassed 10 million sales, in which Nintendo’s latest console covers approximately 3%. EA have not yet released Madden on the Switch. Although this could soon change as according to Twitter User Marcus Sellars, we will be seeing Madden 19 and FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch versions.

Marcus has quite the reputation for announcing titles and products which later become true. He recently reported the Call of Duty 2018 Black Ops 4 leak, although we haven’t received any confirmation on whether that’s correct. One thing he did predict which has later became true, was Dark Souls coming to Switch and Nintendo LABO. Nintendo haven’t confirmed whether FIFA 19 and Madden 19 are officially coming to Nintendo Switch, however Marcus has worked for many Nintendo websites in the past so it’s certainly fair to say he does receive some inside knowledge.

EA have only released two games on the Nintendo Switch so far – FIFA 18 and Fe. According to Electronic Arts, FIFA 17 was the best-selling console title in the world in 2016. Also, various news sites have confirmed that Madden 18 was the 4th best-selling game of 2017. With that being said, it’s fair to say that both EA and Nintendo will benefit if Madden 19 and FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch versions take place.

The Video Games Industry earned $108.4 Billion in 2017, in which the Nintendo Switch outsold the entire Wii U sales run. To put that into perspective, the Switch has only been available for around ten months compared to the Wii U which has been available for a couple of years.

Overall we believe the possibility of this report being real is very high, especially when we’re considering how this will benefit both the developer and publisher. Although Nintendo haven’t confirmed this FIFA 19 and Madden 19 Nintendo Switch report, Marcus clearly has more inside information than the majority of people. Also, FIFA has already made their appearance on the Nintendo Switch so this would come as not much of a surprise.

Source: Twitter – Marcus Sellars


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