Nintendo Direct for Switch Indie Games Confirmed

Nintendo Direct for Switch Indie Games Confirmed

Earlier this month, Gaming INTEL received exclusive information that suggested a Nintendo Direct would be coming in January 2019. Whilst this information was received from one of our most reliable sources, who has been correct on many previous Nintendo Direct dates, it comes as no surprise to now see Gaming INTEL’s initial leak become true.

PREVIOUS LEAK: Next Nintendo Direct coming in January 2019.

In a recent tweet via Nintendo of Europe, it has been confirmed that a new Nintendo Direct for Indie Games that are coming in 2019 will air tomorrow at 15:00 CET / 14:00 UK.

Prior to this announcement, many would’ve been hoping to see a Nintendo Direct that showcased the Switch’s upcoming major games. However, regardless of whether it focuses heavily on Indie Games for Switch, it still, nevertheless, is Nintendo’s planned Direct for this month. The last Indie Games Direct to showcase beforehand was back in August 2018.

This livestream will be showcased on Nintendo’s official website. In addition, players will also most likely be able to watch via their several other social media platforms.

Many were taken back a little on our original leak, however, due to the influx of announcements on Nintendo of America’s twitter. Although, that was likely because their main Direct could be airing at a later date.

Considering the Nintendo Switch is now proved to be more susceptible to Indie Games, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a significant increase of these Indie Directs in the future.


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