According to Dataminers, Smite Will Soon Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Smite Nintendo Switch

The Switch has been fully established as a staple for the extensive gamer’s diet. Amongst the giants such as the PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo‘s multifunctional console nestled into its place with great ease since the release in March 2017. But would you expect any less from a company celebrating almost 130 years of an enterprise? Over the past 18 months, we have been blessed with some incredible¬†titles such as Mario Tennis Aces, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds and even some Pokemon games to sink into. But there is much more to come! A recent piece of information has shone some light on a potential massive MOBA game making its way the switch. Of course, we are talking about SMITE, one of the most successful online games within this genre, to date.

Switch console

Evidence of Smite Coming to the Switch

As with most leaks and/or rumours, the information is found typically through dataminers. The details of Smite coming to the Nintendo Switch is no different. A popular site called SmiteDatamining has been providing the online community with various leaks for the past 5 years or so. With a particular user named FAERayo being the main source for this information.

It has been suggested, through the details in the 5.18 patch in Smite, that there is evidence pertaining to it’s arrival to the Nintendo Switch. Within the patch notes there is an Oasis Tag and within that tag there a Nintendo Switch configuration file has been discovered. This config file was also found in the in-game patch notes just before Smite made the transition to console platforms too. If this trend is anything to go by, it serves as an indicator that we will see Smite on the Switch pretty soon in the future.

Switch Smite

More notably, within the config file for the Switch, there are lines (strings) of code referring to the Nintendo Switch eShop. Of course, this is the client and service that will be required in order for players to by in-game skins, packs and to purchase gems.

All the details and information through datamining seem reputable enough and have been provided by a reputable source, but until Hi-Rez Studios (Smite’s developers) make a public statement about its Nintendo release, we will have to just remain quietly excited.


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