‘Nintendo Switch Console Dummy’ Listing Surfaces on Amazon Prior to E3 2019

Nintendo Switch 2 concept
Concept image courtesy of industrial designer Olivier Raymond

It appears as though a new Nintendo Switch model or bundle is on the horizon, according to a new Amazon listing.

The listing has certainly raised a few eyebrows, while Nintendo has previously confirmed that there would be no Nintendo Switch revision in store for E3 2019. Instead, they made it very clear that they’d be focusing on upcoming games for the console – which will be revealed during a Direct livestream.

Nintendo Switch Console Dummy Amazon

Although the Big N usually sticks by their word, it’s possible that their initial comments were merely public relation talk or potentially they’ve had a change of plan. That said, they would’ve most likely had a decision of the same scale of this finalised/in the works for ages.

It’s important to take note that previous reports, courtesy of reputable sources, have hinted at a new revision of the console coming within the near future. If Nintendo does indeed have these plans, it would make sense for them to be unveiled at the biggest Gaming event of the year.

The listing is currently just a placeholder. Therefore, it’s unclear as to what exactly Nintendo will entail at E3 2019. While Nintendo has advised not to expect the reveal of a new model or console, our money is on a new Switch bundle. Stranger things have happened, however.

As a result of the rumors, eagle-eyed fans have created concepts of what could be on the horizon. One designer has nailed it, as shown below.

We advise fans to remain sceptical, at the time of writing this the listing is no longer live. Either way, everything seems to point in the direction of much more than just a few game announcements at the upcoming Nintendo E3 2019 conference.

21 Unannounced Nintendo Switch Game Listings

In addition to the Amazon listing, 21 unannounced games have also reportedly been listed on GameStop’s internal system. Players have been quick to point the $200 listing, albeit this is most likely a premium edition or bundle.

While all of these listings, including the Amazon one, have occurred only days prior to E3, you can bet your bottom dollar that something huge is in store. Stay tuned.


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