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Nintendo Switch News

Here at Gaming INTEL a big news topic we’re covering is Nintendo Switch News. It is the seventh video game console which was developed by Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch Release Date was on 3rd March 2017 and was released worldwide. It was mainly designed for home console but is also portable. It uses wireless Joy-Con controllers. It’s software supports online gaming, and wireless ad hoc too.

Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo have developed many games for their latest console which includes many exclusives and the sales have been impressive. They also published Splatoon 2, a team-based game for Nintendo Switch. A 3D platform video game was developed for it and was named as Super Mario Odyssey. Super Smash Bros is also another popular game by Nintendo.

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

We are updating our site to have an automatically updated list here of new Nintendo Switch games upcoming for the rest of the year.

Stay updated with us for latest news. To know more go through our latest posts.

Nintendo Direct

RUMOR: Nintendo Direct to Be Taking Place Very Soon

If following the pattern of previous years, a Nintendo Direct for Switch games is always on the cards around this time of year. In...
New Super Mario Bros. U - Nintendo Switch

New Super Mario Bros. U Could Potentially Arrive on Nintendo Switch

Current information and rumours in the world of Mario have been circulating. These rumours and speculation have mainly centred around the possible transfer of...
The Switch Is Close to Surpassing The 20 Million Unit Sales Worldwide Milestone, Nintendo Reveals

The Switch Is Close to Surpassing 20 Million Unit Sales Worldwide, Nintendo Reveals

Nintendo have revealed that the gaming console, Nintendo Switch, is close to surpassing the 20 million unit sales worldwide. The console was released March...
Pokemon CEO Nintendo Switch's Success

Pokemon CEO Discusses His Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch’s Success

For years gamers and tech fans alike have been in love with mobile portable devices. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the world...
NBA 2K19 Nintendo Switch

NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition Coming to Nintendo Switch | Confirmed Via Promotion

With 2K being extremely happy with the sales on 2K18 for the Nintendo Switch, there have been plenty of rumors going around about a...
FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch

REPORT: FIFA 19 Allegedly Coming to Nintendo Switch with ‘Vastly Improved Graphics’

Supervising Producer, Andrei Lazarescu, for FIFA's new World Cup mode has announced, in an interview with DreamTeamFC, that FIFA 19 will be on the...
Mario Tennis Aces Characters, Bosses & Courts

Mario Tennis Aces Characters, Bosses & Courts – Datamined

Mario Tennis Aces is set to come out June 22nd for the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the franchise are excited for it's release. Even...
Pokemon Let's Go Gyms - Pokemon Switch Gyms Leak

LEAK: Gyms returning to Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest topics in the gaming industry right now is Pokemon on Nintendo Switch. Other than a few leaks, Nintendo has kept...
Mario Tennis Aces' Story & Modes

Japanese Site Reveals More Details on Mario Tennis Aces’ Story & Modes

The world of Mario has, for many years, been weaving its way into almost all aspects of the gaming world. Ranging from challenging epic...
Pokemon Switch Direct Livestream - Pokemon Let's Go!

Pokemon Switch Direct Could Be Coming Tomorrow, Here’s Why

We could be getting the Pokemon Switch Direct reveal tomorrow. There are plenty of trends which show that the Nintendo Direct could be happening...
RUMOR: Nintendo Switch RPG to Be Called 'Pokemon Let's Go!' - Eevee & Pikachu

RUMOR: Nintendo Switch RPG could Be Called ‘Pokemon Let’s Go!’ – Eevee & Pikachu

New rumors have appeared online naming 'Pokemon Let's Go!' as the new Nintendo Switch game. These rumors have been circulated around 4chan, so we're...
Pokemon Ultra Shiny Switch RPG Title

Pokemon ‘Ultra Shiny’ Could Potentially Be the Name of the Upcoming Switch RPG Title

New information suggests that the new Pokemon Switch RPG game will be named Pokemon Ultra Shiny. With the news of the release date for Pokemon Switch...
Nintendo Labo Easter Egg - Light Saber

Nintendo Labo Easter Egg – Turn Joy Cons into Lightsabers

A Nintendo Labo Easter egg has been found by Reddit user Redidididodidot. This Easter egg turns the Joy Cons into lightsabers. Find out exactly...
Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG

What Must Happen for Pokemon Nintendo Switch to be Successful

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch is a guaranteed success. There are many ways Game Freak could make it not only a success, but a major...
Panic Button New Game

Panic Button Preparing to Announce New Game, According To Studio Head

The studio behind the Nintendo Switch ports of Rocket League, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are preparing to announce a new game,...
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